Saturday, May 9, 2015

Beware of Sugar Alcohol!

When you use the words "sugar" and "alcohol" separately they are indulgent and quite fun to consume on occasion but when put together they are a nightmare. Now if one has not looked into this  chemical additive or whatever the hell it really is, it is not something one should put in their mouth. The only reason I know (aside from experience) is from a nutritionist when I was recommended to see one a long time ago. I remember buying sugar-free ice cream followed by unholy digestive sickness. When I told this person that she told me "Stay away from sugar alcohol, it will only make you sick" or "You cannot eat a whole lot of something with sugar alcohol in it". I avoid the stuff as much I can and everyone else should too!

It will give a person indigestion, gas, and diarrhea, not something anyone wants to experience. Mostly sugar alcohol is in sugar-free products and you might be thinking why would I eat sugar free? I thought I was eating something that was a healthy alternative, but it just hurt me instead. I'm also diabetic so I thought it would be a way to save carbs, was I wrong! The nutritionist told me to eat things as they are, don't turn to things like fat-free or sugar-free because when they remove the fat it goes into the carbohydrates and in sugar-free they substitute with sugar alcohol. It's all hooey and no one should buy that stuff, buy it as it is!

The reason I even decided to post this is my brother accidentally bought sugar-free ice cream and my mother ate some and experience what I had years ago. Stay away, it will make you sick. Although I wonder why Quaker's bars have sugar alcohol in them at all? Is it a consistency thing? Does it keep the carb count low? I don't know, it don't make any sense. It would be smarter to make granola bars from scratch, probably healthier too. I don't know if I would, I'm no Martha Stewart but it interesting to watch her cooking shows, I do learn some things. Be wary of sugar alcohol, I think I've repeated myself enough.

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