Saturday, May 5, 2012

Here, Hunger Games, and Hellraiser

I am grammatical shit-tastic. I notice this as I browse old entries on my blog. Yes, I look through old entries because I get curious about what I could have been ranting about in the year 2009. I've been debating with myself if I should stop posting in this blog. It feels like a choice that really only matters to me since no one provides any feedback and, mostly I word vomit random stuff on my mind. I chose to just leave it be. There is always a chance I'll post again and I just like having my blog here, a minuet spot in the vast world wide web.

I've been reading The Hunger Games trilogy. I read the first book a while back and enjoyed it, saw the film in theaters which was a close match to the book and enjoyable too. I bought the entire series and decided to not only re-read the first novel but read it's two sequels. Currently, I am making my way through book two, Catching Fire, and never a dull moment. That's my mantra for the series in general because there is never a dull moment (or dull character for that matter) in the books. Not to mention the female lead does not whimper or swoon or somehow becomes ten times more flat on the silver screen (or that may be Jennifer Lawrence's actual talent there).

I've taken on a interest in the Hellraiser movies too. I've seen some of the sequels, possibly before I ever saw the first film that began the decade-spanning series. I read the short story "The Hellbound Heart" by Clive Barker which is the basis for Hellraiser then I watched both Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 and so on with the series. I read the story in high school and liked it but I wasn't aware of how it fit in with the films. There is loads of backstory to this series I had no idea about, but naturally being the horror fan I am try to soak up as much knowledge as I can because I want to know every detail I could be missing. I continue on watching the films until I stumble upon that dreaded new one released last year or something. I've heard terrible things about it and saw a clip so I'm a little reluctant to spend my time watching it. But I will because I have to know how horrible it actually is compared to what everyone else says. I feel bad that I can't even remember what it's called and that's most likely an omen to its shit-tastic quality. (I'm starting to think that word is my "word of the day".)

Hellraiser and Hellbound are good movies - the first is an enclosed, tight-knit story while the other is an expansive one exploring other ideas in the mythos of the series. Hell on Earth was OK, but I didn't feel it bring much to the series. Bloodline was good, I thought all the back story on the lament configuration was cool. My only drawback to it was it felt like a "Pinhead in Space" movie, but really its 20% in space or the future. Inferno was OK, but it lags a lot in the middle. It had an intense ending which I suppose the slow start built up to it and the idea that hell was the fomration created in the cop's mind was great. That's as far as I've gone. Next is Deader which I saw years ago and didn't understand but I hope to not have that probably this time around. I should be able to make sense of what's going on because of understanding the history of L'Merchant and the lament configuration and the cenobites and how everything ties together.

One thing my brother told me was they make "Pinhead" into a bad guy as the films go on and on, I've noticed this to be true. It doesn't makes sense if you watch the first two films but in Hell on Earth all of a sudden he wants to take over earth and reek hell on it hence the subtitle. I liked when he was just the head of the Order that butchered and bloodied up the folks that tampered with the box. They made him a villain when he was just a victim that became something else to be. He was merely a man doing his job which doesn't make him any different from any other man (well, except the pins in the head deal). I felt him becoming the bad guy was a crap move to serve the horror genre. In the first film, Frank and Julia were the monsters for being selfish and killing people - very deserving to their ends in the films. I liked that side very much instead of the "outsider-type turned evil just because" crap.  Oh well, can't win them all I suppose.

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