Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Morganville Vampires & Final Destinations

I've been reading the "Morganville Vampires" series by Rachael Caine and it is fantastic. It's the kind of fiction I long to read when it comes to YA supernatural literature. Unfortunately, they have the worse book covers ever. Why does every cover have to have Abercrombie models on them? I understand it's a book directed at young females, but the actual text does not mirror the silly covers. I would love it if they would place stock images instead of the models, it would suit the material and make it look less campy. I've read and watched enough vampire shtick to figure out it's all about selling sex when it comes to "vampire material goods", but I'm more interested in the darker, morbid part that most general public does not see. If "Twilight" hasn't dismissed classic images of vampires and other supernatural beings, crappy book covers are the next step. (Side note: Meyers' book covers are simple stock images however the material inside is debatable. I recommend "The Host" over her other series, written a little better and the characters are very likable. Not a new story in the land of science fiction but a book I will re-read when reading supplies are low.) Really though...if I wasn't renting each MV series book separately from my local library because they are constantly checked out, I could sit and read the whole series. My favorite character is Myrnin, every time he comes around I can never figure if he is a good guy or a bad one. Love his personality quirks, makes for an interesting dialogue when things get very serious ("boring", "lull-ish") in the books.

I have Final Destination 5 here, and arguing in my head on whether its worth a watch or will I be distracted by all the CGI effects and Tony Todd's looming yet death-like voice. I didn't watch the fourth one, but I have seen the first three. I like each for their own reasons, but as they go on, they lose their quality overall. After a while it feels like I'm watching the same scenario from the original film but with interchangeable and uselessly blank characters that audiences stereotype upon the immediacy of watching it. Well, I guess it's better than thinking about the shit storm that is my life...

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