Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Putting it out there...

I'm starting to think there should be a cable channel dedicated to any horror movie made before 1990. The 90s ushered in the realism of horror, and as much as I enjoy Scream, it ruined some of the fun in horror. I liked when a horror movie didn't take itself seriously and had a basic formula attached to it. I love the predictable as much as I love the unexpected, but it's nice to just watch something you know the ending to as well.

I've been watching older horror movies on NetFlix, at least ones on instant streaming. IS doesn't carry the best selection as to what you get in the mail on DVD, but to keep one occupied for an hour and a half, most available isn't bad. I used to think any horror movie that wasn't made in the 80s wasn't worth my time, but I've seen a few 70s horror movies that were good. 70s horror has a serious nature to most of the films, and a odd darkness too. There have been some things in the 70s ones I've watched that really scared me so I'm going to continue looking for others to watch. Any suggestions are welcome if anyone wants to offer some up.

I'm really trying to open myself up to different horror movies I've never watched before. Still wondering if I should try Asian horror. The genre makes a big deal about how Asian horror is the best there is now. It's not like I doubt that there aren't ones I'd like if I gave some of them my time, but I don't think they carry the camp I need in my horror. Watching more serious horror is interesting, but it does reach its apex and I just want laugh at something macabre but over-the-top.

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