Sunday, January 22, 2012

old xangas, bad shows & 3 ninjas

Through one sneaky reminder from a former classmate, I discovered an old Xanga journal I had - the one even older from the last one I looked at. And boy, was I unfiltered on it. Everything I was reading was something I had forgot about but it's nice to be reminded of better times. I do complain, quite too much I might add but typically it's just about how I hate school and that I'm tired. That's still going on, I just try not to mention it in every entry I bother to post.

Everyone in my house is sick or half-sick as it is. There seems to be some bugs going around but I hope not to contract anything. I hate being sick even if it's just a runny nose and a sore throat. Although laying in bed for countless hours to rest feels good, that's probably the only upside. Day time television used to be amusing, but you can't even count on it these days when you have a sick day. I used to watch awful programming like soaps and Jenny Jones. What the hell happened to Jenny Jones? I watched that all the time as a kid, my favorite episodes were when the tweens were sent off to boot camp to modify their behavior and stop pushing their wheel-chaired mothers down the steps. It surprised me how vulgar kids who've barely reached puberty can be. Well, that's nature versus nurture for you.

At this very moment, I wish I had someone to talk to. Or at least a damned e-mail or forum discussion to reply to. I'm ACTUALLY in a mood to type out or express my feelings however they are. I haven't watched the 3 Ninjas series in a while. I only count the first three so it's a trilogy in my terms, the High Noon one doesn't count on it does not have any of the original boys or much of a plot for that matter. I know, they are just kid films and they don't ever have very original ideas, but come on...that last one was farfetched and released way after the last one. By then, they should have tried to not sell the 3 Ninjas hype so far down the road, it was almost ten years since the first one came out when they released High Noon in 1998. Ugh, must go look up these films on IMDB...

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