Thursday, January 12, 2012

Old Buffy Fiction, Vamp Flicks & Revisits

Aw, Alison you found my blog and did not inform me of this. You sneaky weasel...took me a few seconds after responding to your comment to figure out it was you.


I unearthed a notebook I bought when I was in middle school just for writing Buffy fan fiction and I decided I'm going to start typing up all the lame stories I attempted to write about on my computer. Some ideas aren't too pathetic but my writing is bland and I have no style at all. It's mostly short sentences with lack of details, I can't believe I wrote any of it at all it's that bad. But it is a good idea to revisit early work because it's the one way to make yourself feel better about your writing. You may think you write for shit, but go read something you did ten years ago, you'll realized you learned a few things between now and then. I know I have several different notebooks with stories in them; some are fan fiction and some of them are original pieces I made up. I used to have an affinity for writing all the time, sitting in class when I should be taking notes or paying attention instead of deciding what mystical doosy Buffy Summers would be getting up to.

Tonight, I watched a OK vampire film on FearNet called "Midnight Son". It seemed low-budget but the story was tolerable. I like when some writes a vampire script with a realistic mythos behind how the vampire got to be a vampire. I know real and myth don't belong in the same sentence but vampire tales get too "fantasy" for me. The movie was about a guy that suffered from a skin condition since he was a young boy and as an adult he works as a security guard. At this time, he starts feeling off, he keeps eating but nothing fills his stomach. He gets worried and sees his doctor who thinks he may have a rare form of being anemic because physically he is malnourished even if he just ate six frozen dinners. Slowly, the guy starts craving blood, first he makes his daily run to the butcher shop for his bucket o' blood. Then, he accidentally gets a taste of human blood and he turns full blown vampire. There its twists and turns of trying to have a relationship with a coke-addled chick and skeezy, drug-runner that supplies blood to the vampire dude before ultimately being turned into one. OOPS, SPOILER ALERT...guess I should have warned ya, huh? It's good for its hour and half run so if you see it somewhere (for free) just check it out. Also, check out FearNet, that's a pretty awesome site and so is Rue Morgue. I listen to their radio podcast once and a while, thanks to my brother Nick for exposing me to it.

I'm going to start revisiting shows I haven't seen in a long time...

  • Farscape - My dad and I would watch this show when I was a kid and it's been a really long time, probably a decade since I last seen an episode.
  • Roswell - I haven't watched this show all the way through since I got in DVD a few years back. I started re-watching it last week and I'll try to continue soon.
  • Battlestar Galactica - I have never watched this show before but I'd probably like it if I did. The seasons are watchable on Netflix so I'm considering it.
  • Witchblade - I started re-watching the first season months back and I need to continue on to the second season too.
  • Freddy's Nightmares - So I got a hold of this crappy TV series based off A Nightmare on Elm Street series, I watched the pilot which was boring but I need to watch the rest. It may have it's entertaining moments.

And I will continue watching all the stuff I am all ready and what's on air. I was going to mention on the vampire movie which vampire movies I particularly like: The Lost Boys, Subspecies Series & Vampire Journals, Vamp - I just saw this for the first time not long ago and was impressed by it, not a horrible 80s cheesy romp full of gore, it actually had substance - Interview with a Vampire and Queen of the Damned - both really different versions of Anne Rice books but I like them both. I've never read an Anne Rice novel, ever and I'm a little surprised by that. In fact, I haven't even read Bram Stoker's Dracula yet, I should REALLY get on that. I love the 30s version with Bela Lugosi, that man has the creepiest, spindly hands I've ever watched on film.

I haven't been to sleep and my heads starting to pound so I better turn in soon. I did drink a cup of coffee today and I usually post on days I do drink coffee...hence the title of my blog.

Good night, viral land of nightmarish propensity. P.S. I dare you to go to and see what the word of the day is. It's nice to widen the brim to your vocabulary.

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