Friday, December 9, 2011

Vamps are bad, bad, bad!

It's a weird place to be trapped, half way through books. I read the first three books in the Morganville Vampires series and it's a really good. I've seen people have it on their favorite list often so I decided to start reading them. The main character is a bright and smart young woman who I was excited in reading about because she isn't some meek waif that dominate loads of supernatural YA fiction. We need more Claire Danvers in the world then Bella Swans (although there are a few strengths I liked in her but they neglected to include most in the film versions)! I rather read about a female who is capable, fearful, and logical around vampires. Not every girl should go lush over a sparkly vampire (or a blood-thirsty one either). The series blends different characters who carry lives out in different levels - ghost/vampire, goth, rebel, smart chick - and seamlessly makes it all work. I feel like I could meet them in my life and be good friends with them. I also like how vampires are just bad, bad, bad, but can have depth for humane reasons. It's a better approach then most YA fiction I've read currently. I need to finish up the series because the progression is interesting how this invisible girl from nowhere becomes intertwined with all these odd supernatural problems and still maintains a life. It reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with it's array of quirky dialogue and characters that each portray a different side of the stories of each book. Michael Glass is , by far, my favorite character in the series and I suppose I have a "thing" for the protective, nice guy.

Hoping to read through books I've left on my shelf, finish, and promptly place it back in it's holder. There are few I've read half way and then put away, forget about it, and realize it still needs to be completely read from cover to cover. Once done, I'll go back to the MV series.

Christmas is coming soon and there was light snow coverage this morning. Lucky me to go trotting through it! The tree is up and the lights are hanging on the gutter of the house. Now, if only I could think of presents to buy...if I had money. It's going to be a Tiny Tim Christmas if ever there was one in my household. I don't expect gifts and I don't care to receive them. I wish I could read people better so I know what to give, some people I know are hard to please and that pisses me off. I think I'll just make some desserts instead, I'm good at that and I enjoy the work in the kitchen.

That's all, take care.