Tuesday, August 23, 2011

buffy, how I remember thee...

I was just sitting here listening to Four Star Mary which got me thinking about the bronze which ultimately got me thinking about the television series, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

My love affair started back when FX would show re-runs of the show, first during their evening spot (5:00-6:00 p.m.) and later in the morning (6:00 & 7:00 a.m.). The first episode I ever watched was "Who Are You?" which was an awful one for me. I remember thinking Buffy was such a slut while she was grinding up against Spike in the one scene. Little did I know that wasn't Buffy, but Faith, her evil counterpart. I disliked the show after seeing just a little and all I thought to myself was "Buffy sure is sleazy..." Probably a month goes by and I'm flipping channels when what do you know? "Buffy" is on again but this time was tuned it. She was strong, opinionated, and way better than I had last seen her. The second time I watched an episode, it was "The Gift" and that's probably one of the best episodes of the entire series. Period. That episode made me look at the show as something much deeper than I gave it credit for.

So every afternoon I came home from school and watched "Buffy" in my parent's room because I didn't have a TV in my room as a kid. Besides, the first TV I did have was black and white and only got about seven or eight channels you had to turn with a dial. I loved that little TV set, but back to my story here. I came home every day and while my Mom was cooking dinner I would sit and watch the slayer kick ass. Sometimes I was even late to dinner and my family could see I was becoming obsessed. I saw the later seasons first: five, six, and seven before seeing the earlier ones. That's probably why I've always been a Spike fan and not an Angel one, but I'll take about that later on. Once I had a newer TV (color and cable!) and a VCR I would record whatever episodes I could. I figured out how many seasons and episodes they were and went so far to buy a guide, unfortunately one without season seven included. I always love reading about extras!

I started buying the seasons when I was 14 or so and season four was the first one I purchased (though not the best season) followed by the fifth, sixth, seventh. The first was a Christmas present one year and finally I purchased season two and three together. As much as I love the show, I've never shared my thoughts about it because I rarely had many people I could talk about it with. I started writing fan fiction in school when I should have been paying attention to my work. That's when I actually talked to people who knew about it. Nikki, a girl who sat in front of me in my English class, was a fan because her older sisters grew up watching it. We used to always joke about Oz's "I mock you with my monkey pants!" line. I think she even wrote it in one of my yearbooks. The other person was a girl named Jessica in my math class who saw me writing my stories. I told her what they were about one day when she asked me and she read some of what I wrote. I don't know if she was being kind or what but she said she liked it. I assume she just watched the show sporadically. I'm sure there are more fans out there than I know and I'm starting to see that since I joined a forum and chatted up a few people about it. Oh, and a turned a former best friend of mine onto Buffy too, long time ago when we were good friends. We both drooled over Spike's hotness (I'm so lame!)...strangely enough she's a big fan of "Supernatural" now and that was my next big obsession after "Buffy".

I obsessed for four years and did move on to other shows...but that will always stick out as my first obsession. There were shows I liked before but never as adamantly. Sarah Michelle Gellar is a role model to me and a great actress. I'm happy to see her return to television since it has been many years since her role as Buffy Summers. I guess my issue of Spike versus Angel has to do with the fact I think Angel is a boring character. He's too sad and dull for me. At least Spike embodies more of how I see a vampire: ravenous, cocky, and tough. I never watched the spin-off "Angel" for that simple reason albeit I did watch season five for Spike. And it was something to watch after "Buffy" ended.

Maybe I'll do some character profiles and talk about why I like (or don't like) certain parts of their personality/choices/progression.

There is a quick walk down my Buffy history....leave me comments about your first experiences with the show or if you'd like to argue some points with me, go ahead, I like a challenge.


Friday, August 12, 2011


This was on the way to Mall of America in Minnesota. I love scenic pictures and I took many of them. The sky was gorgeous that day and built-in cliff foliage made it better.

Hockey is a great sport to watch live. I've only been to one game, but it was insanely loud and the crowd has such an energy. That's one sport I'd go see all the time if I could.

These are the Gossip Girl books I'm trying to plow through at the moment. I'm second to last, "Only In My Dreams", but after I'm done with this stack there are 3 more books in the series! I've enjoyed this series more than expected, but I do hate the rich, stuck-up Blair Waldorf. She's awful. I'm thinking about checking the show out and seeing if it's worth watching but I'll stick with the books for right now.