Sunday, July 24, 2011

books, bromance, and broken coffee cups

I looked down at my coffee cup the other day and there was a huge chip in it. I've never seen a chipped last before, shattered - yes, and brand new - yes. I think the chipping has to be me banging the edge of the cup against the glass rotating plate in the newer (smaller) microwave because I'm not used to the height difference (or size difference). I think it would have been cooler if it actually made the cup leak but I guess I'm not that lucky to wish for a really broken coffee mug. Now you all think I'm strange, don't you?

There are some new Supernatural fiction out (coming out) that I need to read. I have the first three books they released years ago. I had no idea if they bothered making any more and I certainly enjoyed the ones I've read so I am ready for some new ones. Borders is going out of business, maybe I can get a deal on one of the books there? They never carry what I'm looking for in store and then I have difficulty finding it in store. I could just be stupid and not have any sense of direction but I think the system is whack there! I ain't too sad about them closing...obviously.

I've been watching the Glee Project even though I don't watch Glee (don't know how that figures...) and I love both Cameron and Damian. They have a fantastic bromance that I joke about every time I watch a new episode. I both love their voices too. They both share that old crooner voice like Michael Buble or Frank Sinatra but Cameron's a little lighter while Damian a bit deeper and rockier with his voice. If they don't win, they should definitely find a place in the entertainment industry because they have talent and a slice of humble pie. But mostly, they got that killer bromance!!! It's funny me using that word since I dislike it very much, but it just is what the duo is. They are that great I'm willing to use that word.

I was sitting down looking through one of many books I have laying about and I was so relieved that I was reading something I really fucking felt like reading. I always dreaded being assigned books to read whether it's several chapters or one passage. The only time I have passion for reading is when I am fully involved and/or invested in what I'm reading. I like when I get suggestions or books to borrow from friends/family. My aunt gave me a box of Alex Cross novels by James Patterson I would like to take a stab at reading all the way through to the last one. I think borrowed books let me know what kind of books people I know like and I think it speaks volumes of what they like because it's all about interests. I read lots of YA books but mostly fantasy/science fiction/horror because that's what I obsess over. But, I'm not trendy about it. I'll be roped into reading some books that way (Need to look into the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, they sound reasonably interesting, doesn't mean I will be seeing the movie they won't shut up about...) but I just mostly go by cover then summary before reading it. And not to be pretentious but 9 out of 10 times I like the book better than screen adaptation. Sometimes the movie tells the story better by expanding or contracting some of the details or side plots. It's been hard to find books to get attached to and I'm always looking for new ones.

Reminds me I need to buy the last Vampire Diaries book, Midnight because Damon is human in it! I was a surprised with that happening at the end of Shadow Souls. Boy, that book was long, as in it took me forever to read. It felt like it could have been summarized in like twenty chapters but it went way past that. I just need a satisfying conclusion so maybe that's what I get. Cross ma fingers, hopin' for the best!

I'm carrying on too long, good night.

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