Thursday, June 30, 2011

times do fly

Gaw! It's been almost a month since I've posted! How can this be so? Sorry, I've been busy the last month watching the non-stop Spike Star Wars saga marathons. And, guess what? There's another one this Fourth of July weekend! Another reason to find creepy meanings behind Yoda's senility!

Harry Potter's great legacy completes itself in 15 days and it's starting to sink in for me. The series of books and films have been a wonderful staple in my friendships for the past ten years. Every book launch and midnight show my group of friends and I would trek out and stay up all night for. We'd play games, tell jokes, and eat Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans (and I have gotten my share of booger flavored ones, but grass is worse IMO, oh wait, sardine is just disgusting). It'll be a shock if I don't tear up a bit at the final show, but I'm not positive if I''m even going. I usually not the one buying the tickets so I'll probably need to be looking into that soon... It has been a long ride and half my life so I can accompany much happy times to the bespectacled wizard. I'm not sure what group outings we'll do instead...maybe a book club? Always wanted to try one of those.

I want MTV to play more video blocks and less "16 and Pregnant". I don't think it's great that my generation gets bad pregnancy shows instead hours and hours of streaming music videos. Hell, I'd like VH1 Classic to play more video blocks. Only time they do is when no one is awake unless you are me who sleeps little because I'm an insomniac most days. I've become obsessed with this British band "Breathe" who became popular during the late 80s-early 90s era. They have these gorgeous ballads, some songs I've seen on VH1 Classic Totally 80s video blocks. I'm surprised they had minor success considering how powerful some of their songs are, they could have been hard hitters with the best. I've only heard a few songs but I'm going to check out their albums when I get a chance.

Here's their "Hands to Heaven" music video which I have the song repeat lately.

They truly embody the music I love from the 80s besides arena rock. A very talented group and I'm glad I came across them too.

I felt like I may have wanted to rant more but I think that's all folks!

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