Monday, May 30, 2011

cool breeze and all...

Oh boy, here comes the heat. I'm not very certain if I love summer or hate it. The warm sun always feels nice on my skin, but that dewy sheet of humidity that sheen it is unbearable. Summer is the time to get away from life, live in a mystery. It's vacation time, people. I'll probably go somewhere even against my will to say hidden from the public. It's a time to catch up on reading, my favorite thing. I'll spend half the day out on the porch or in the back yard on a lawn chair. Most people go to the beach, but I never do, personally never been one with laying half naked in front of a bunch of strangers.

Ugh, I'll finish this post later.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

anger & tv i'm watchin'

I've been very angry all day and I'm not positive why. I've been avoiding people because I get snappy and say mean things. It's not biological, that's for sure. I don't have a bipolar disorder, I usually carry the same temperament always. There are things that have been going on that have been waning on me and is possibly causing this weird personality decay. I don't like being angry or mean, I like to be a sweet, caring person as much as possible. I've been hitting breaking points lately where everything that's being kept up is unraveling faster than a spool of thread. My mood has to be from copious amounts of events that have made me worry with no reason so it's starting to piss me off. I get that.

The Vampire Diaries is on hiatus for summer and season 2 has wrapped. I've enjoyed this season and I have to agree with some about too many plot focuses and not enough character focuses. Next season I can only hope for it. Some of my other shows still have finales to air. Supernatural is suppose to be tomorrow night but it said the last episode they will air on Sunday night instead. I hate when they move it, there must be sports on. Damn you sports! Make It or Break It is on Monday night, a full two hours - go Max & Payson! Oh, Supernatural's finale is two hours long too, how could I forget! It's odd considering none of the others are and it's not the last season. Oh well, more Sam and Dean and Cass and Bobby...and potentially Crowley. I've become confused with that show, I feel like an idiot but I just feel the story lines have become crowded and I don't know why the angels plot is still there. I don't know, I could go into a long rant on my feelings of it, but I'll spare anyone the trouble today. Besides, I just don't feel like it.

I watch Breakout Kings on Sunday now. It's like most typically cop-like dramas, but I have to say Jimmi Simpson is what keeps me interested in it. I love his character and the comedic bridge he builds across the episodes. I've seen the guy in countless roles already and he typically has played characters like the one on BK before, but it suits him. Ghost Adventures is still kickin', I missed last week's episode because I forget, complete fail on my part. I could probably find it online and watch it. Also watching NCIS: LA on Tuesday because Deeks is my boy. Yes, I'm an Eric Christian Olsen fan even if he plays a douche in almost every role. I really liked him in the movie Write or Wrong. Less douche-y, more nice guy there. He plays a nice guy on the show though too so I'm not saying he doesn't there.

This summer I'll probably watch MTV's Teen Wolf being the 80s fan I am, although I have a feeling this will be much different from the Michael J. Fox version. Pretty Little Liars, maybe and I want to see 9 Lives of Chloe King. I never watched PLL before but they had a marathon on before the last finale and I was just sitting and watching it all day because I couldn't find anything better to do. I've been watching a buttload of television lately, I'm ready to take a break.

Oh, summer hiatus is about four months long. Nothing but strawberry daiquiris, lots of sun, hanging with friends, and exercise. And reading, lots of books to be read this summer. Maybe a trip somewhere too if timing is just right. I hope everyone enjoys there summer, I know I will try my best. Anyone got any good plans, let me know!