Monday, April 18, 2011

it's completely different now...

I'm 21 years old and I grew up a kid mostly in the 90s and early 2000s. Now, I'm about to say something that everyone has admitted all across the internet in many different ways. Kid's television programming is awful today and I feel very sorry to those who don't get to experience better shows.

My complaint to shows that dominant today's channels are they radiate the wrong messages. First, they use all this cool technology prompting kids that they need a cell phone just as much as Hannah Montana or ICarly. Second, I just find the humor crass and boring and it makes me think producers and writers alike are trying to "dumb down" younger generations. Isn't bad enough that most young people can't write normal sentences anymore because of texting and AIM? Third, all these new kid shows are about people being famous which can be spun as a way to inspire kids to do what they dream BUT old shows were just kind of normal. Suburbia with hijinks or a selling point for a story line. Kid's shows used to show KIDS BEING KIDS. Where the hell did that go?

The most important element to me is the lack of FUN in newer shows. I was watching old clips of "All That" which was one of my favorite shows on Nick and I still love it. I realize every skit carried some ridiculous stunt or over-the-top theme, but there was fun in what the cast was doing and it just looks like they are having fun. (Well, except they are on national television and get paid for it.) Even animated series like "X-Men" or "Spider-Man" had some mature story lines for cartoons.

Everything is very different now. I don't think a 12-year-old needs a cell phone. They should be outside riding their bike, like I did years ago. I don't know, it's not really that I think my childhood was better, it just it's so very different from how kids grow up now. I can't imagine being a parent now. And I really needed to vent that because it's pretty awful that it is so bad. Guess we don't even need television anymore when the internet is massive.

I'm hoping some of my other favorite Nick and Disney shows come on DVD some day. I know many have been and I heard Teen Nick or something was re-airing certain shows for a late night block. I remember "All That" was being played a few years back when the N was still around. Really would love that show on DVD and it really deserves a proper release.

Also, Josh Server was and will be always flippin' awesome in my book. I had a crush on him when I was a kid and I still think he's cute. I ain't the only one, most comments I've read are about how everyone had a crush on him and thinks he is a "hottie". He had a great energetic and physical capacity with comedy while on "All That" and it's crazy he stayed on as long as he did. Rather surprised he didn't do more after because he has talent, but maybe he wanted something different. I know he came back for the "All That" reunion and has done a few bit roles on other Nick TV shows. (Which reminds me of how the Nick studios don't exist anymore...) I loved him on "Figure It Out" and got slimed so much on there! I still can't think of Nickelodeon without the image of LOTS and LOTS of green slime.

Good times...good times...

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