Monday, March 14, 2011

cutting your own hair rates crazy

So, I've cut my hair twice in the same month and each time shorter. First, it was just a bob then I totally hacked it down to a pixie cut. I love it now, very short hair which I've never had in my life. My family just freaked out calling me insane for taking the chop job for myself. I don't really care and I wouldn't be doing it myself if I didn't have complete confidence behind it. Also, I really wanted all my hair gone, I needed something very different and now I have it. I LOVE IT. Plausibly my parents could rule this in favor of a mental breakdown, but I'm thinking pretty clear on this one. I feel more feminine and pretty with short hair now. I've wanted it short for a long time, last summer was the first time I commented that I wanted to try really short hair. I am happy with what I did and I feel better now.

Being Human series 3 just ended and Mitchell is dead. At least, I believe he is. I wonder how they'll bring him back. He's a seriously dark character and I've never really thought that through before. I always liked him and Annie and George. I've never been particular about Nina, she's always been a bit cruel to me. She's great to George though, he's such a sweet character. Well, can't wait for series 4.

I need to read the last Vampire Diaries book, but I have yet to purchase it. I can't finish my GG books until I finish that series. Once I'm on one order it's impossible to move on until I'm done with that series. It's an odd, OCD type of behavior I'm aware, but it's just the way I operate.

My 21st birthday is around the corner and there is no excitement in me about it, is that possible?

I've got some things to figure...good evening, all.

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