Monday, February 28, 2011

only time i'm creatively encouraged is 6 am

Popped by for a post in between watching old Saturday Night Live re-runs and no I don't mean ones from like two weeks ago. I'm watching 90s material here. I thought the early and late 90s had strong casts, the middle years were trying to find their ground in between stellar casts. Gosh, it reminds me how much I love Jimmy Fallon. He could never keep a straight face in any of his sketches and that's basically what I would watch for if he was in one. I don't think he's kept a straight face on any of his "Late Night" interviews. The Cow Bell one he definitely had his hand up on his mouth the entire time. I've always liked Jimmy...except the films he's made, those are awful. They just weren't that good even if you put him in a scene with Oscar winners...he'd probably be laughing with his hand over his face. Loved the album he released "Off the Bathroom Wall" I believe it's called and it has some really funny bits on it. He's a real goofball but that's what makes him likable to me. Did he ever get all the Saved by the Bell cast together for a reunion? That would have been sweet.

Fixed up a new layer with the odd template's blogger has. I didn't want to bugger it too much, but it looks okay. I always make everything really dark because I like it that way. It's either really dark or really light, stark contrasts.

Really, really excited that Henry Cavill gets to be the new Superman! Yeah! Woot! I had a fit when I saw the Entertainment Weekly cover he was on. I think squealing may have been involved. Zack Snyder is slated to direct so I'm hoping it'll be good. I really love his remake of Dawn of the Dead (CJ!) and adaptations of The Watchmen and 300. I'm not a big comic fan but he certainly is true to source material and that's what fans love. Can't wait to see how Cavill's Clark Kent will be!

I finished re-reading Stephenie Meyer's The Host for the first time since I bought it over two years ago. It was sitting on the shelf for a long time and I kept thinking I should read it again. I decided to do this after watching a few fan trailers on Youtube that piqued my interest in the story again. With remembering a little from the first read, I enjoyed it more the second time through. I can say right now that I think that book is a thousand times better than all four Twilight novels she wrote and science fiction is more her place. I love the idea (not that it hasn't been done often already) and the characters. I have to say Meyer's always makes one character I absolutely love and keeps me interested in. The battered female is a staple in both the Twilight Saga and The Host and that always bothered me. I think Bella was weak about many things but Wanderer or Mel in this book starts out kind of battered and learns to be a stronger person. Partly because of the human still in there and Ian's help for her to find her own voice. I heard there is talk of this being made into a film, but I hope it's just rumors because the appeal for me would be completely ruined.

Vampire Diaries is out until April 7...why such long hiatuses? Supernatural will get it soon as well. Friday's episode was hilarious though. Misha got killed, little surprised by that. Him (as himself) was awesome, best part of the show. Complete contrast to the serious nature of Castiel. Lovely...

I've got to go buy Shadow Souls and read it! I'm kind of interested to see where Elena/Damon dynamic goes. Read somewhere Smith wanted them together in the end, no clue if that's true. Matt's there too! They really need to get him back into the show. I'm Team Damon on the show (who isn't really?) but I'm such a Matt fanatic I love him in the book and show and I really want him to get some bigger part in it. I know it's difficult in an hour block to get like ten different characters stories all in...but I want more Matt! I'm more of a Tyler/Caroline fan. Speaking of Tyler, 180 of awesomeness on the show! Can't wait for his character's return. I'm starting to get sick of Katherine. I know that she's there to stir the pot and fuck things up for everyone, but when she's there I feel like it detracts from characters developing because it's like getting junk punched to the past. I love the history stuff but man, it just shows her being more a bitch. Everyone likes that though. One thing is for sure now, Damon ain't falling for it anymore. He totally pushes her aside in the last episode. Classic...I just laughed my ass off. Just means Katherine is going to have to get creative, huh?


P.S. I wish it was still that sound of rain pounding, makes my eyes extra droopy.

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