Saturday, January 22, 2011


I just finished watching The Last Song and Miley Cyrus' mouth is odd. I don't know why, maybe it's the overbite of her teeth because it looks like an overbite. It just bothered me when I was watching it. Also, she has the posture of a 15-year old boy, she walked like that at least. The movie was as expected as any Nicolas Sparks' one goes - love, loss, and happiness. I was bored and was browsing Netflix, it was up there so I clicked "Play". I felt it was too long at an hour and forty-two minutes. It wasn't as long as The Notebook which I snored half way through it. Greg Kinnear was good in his supportive role.

I watched this movie Exam before it and that was very good. It was a little independent psych-thriller from the U.K. It's your basic "stick a bunch of people in a room and let all there little secrets come out because they are forced to save their life". That had close to the same running time and it was 10 times more convincing with it's story and characters. Sorry, Miley, I just ain't believin' you as a sad, angry teenager. Perhaps too much Hannah "Insta-gag" Montana has done me in. (She's probably a really nice gal though so I'm not going to be really mean because she doesn't deserve it. She probably gets enough crap from the internet.)

Should be asleep right now and I've manage to post a lot this month. Something to do with my lack of a normal life, I think. I'm starting to think being locked up in a room for 80 minutes with 7 strangers is a real dream come true. Oh, Russian Roulette, here I come!

Really...better go. Hands going numb, sleep is required for survival. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......

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