Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random Annoyances

You know, I just posted a day ago but I am compelled to write a little more. There have been certain occurrences in my life recently that I have believed to set something in motion. I don't know if it will be positive or negative, but I hope it helps me. Desperately, I want to see my only two friends (I know I am lonely and loser-like, sue me), but I never do and I feel it is because they don't want to spend time with me. I can write it off as other things but I have to believe if they truly wanted to spend their time with me they would find a way.

Who cares how things are done, as long as they are done? Why is it impossible for others to care about other people or themselves for that matter? What the fuck kind of world was I born into??? I realize some things get better over time and others get worse. Robert Frost predicted it would end in either fire or ice. I have a feeling ice will suffice. We ALIENATE each other and use little poisonous devices to avoid others while making ourselves feel important. Am I the only one who sees this because it doesn't affect me? I know the minute it slips in my hands I'll be a tech zombie and that's a road I don't want to travel.

I'm watching "The Rules of Attraction" and boy, that Dawson Leery is much better not as Dawson Leery. And for those not following, I'm referring to James Van Der Beek. That's not the good part though, Ian Somerhalder is. On the IMDB's summary page they call his character Paul a bisexual but he seems just to be homosexual. There isn't a moment where he's interested in a female, in fact he seems to snarl at them. (Pause for laughter) A weird image to see in my mind. He's just striking. He shows up in a scene and I just zone in to him. He could be standing far back in the frame with two really hot guys standing on both sides of him and a freaking ficus covering the front of him, but I'd still be draw to him. It's weird, but watching the movie makes me do this. I've seen him in many different roles and never have I felt that way about his character. Gosh, I am one strange lady... I saw Marco Polo on Hallmark the other day and wondered what kind of accent he was would come and go. I would think Italian because wasn't Polo Italian? I never see the entire four hours, but I think I can watch it on Netflix. Thanks to Netflix I've had opportunity to watch some of his movies. One I really recommend is "Wake" which is a very light-hearted and funny film. He plays a vet in the film too!

Enough rambling.

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