Saturday, January 22, 2011


I just finished watching The Last Song and Miley Cyrus' mouth is odd. I don't know why, maybe it's the overbite of her teeth because it looks like an overbite. It just bothered me when I was watching it. Also, she has the posture of a 15-year old boy, she walked like that at least. The movie was as expected as any Nicolas Sparks' one goes - love, loss, and happiness. I was bored and was browsing Netflix, it was up there so I clicked "Play". I felt it was too long at an hour and forty-two minutes. It wasn't as long as The Notebook which I snored half way through it. Greg Kinnear was good in his supportive role.

I watched this movie Exam before it and that was very good. It was a little independent psych-thriller from the U.K. It's your basic "stick a bunch of people in a room and let all there little secrets come out because they are forced to save their life". That had close to the same running time and it was 10 times more convincing with it's story and characters. Sorry, Miley, I just ain't believin' you as a sad, angry teenager. Perhaps too much Hannah "Insta-gag" Montana has done me in. (She's probably a really nice gal though so I'm not going to be really mean because she doesn't deserve it. She probably gets enough crap from the internet.)

Should be asleep right now and I've manage to post a lot this month. Something to do with my lack of a normal life, I think. I'm starting to think being locked up in a room for 80 minutes with 7 strangers is a real dream come true. Oh, Russian Roulette, here I come!

Really...better go. Hands going numb, sleep is required for survival. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random Annoyances

You know, I just posted a day ago but I am compelled to write a little more. There have been certain occurrences in my life recently that I have believed to set something in motion. I don't know if it will be positive or negative, but I hope it helps me. Desperately, I want to see my only two friends (I know I am lonely and loser-like, sue me), but I never do and I feel it is because they don't want to spend time with me. I can write it off as other things but I have to believe if they truly wanted to spend their time with me they would find a way.

Who cares how things are done, as long as they are done? Why is it impossible for others to care about other people or themselves for that matter? What the fuck kind of world was I born into??? I realize some things get better over time and others get worse. Robert Frost predicted it would end in either fire or ice. I have a feeling ice will suffice. We ALIENATE each other and use little poisonous devices to avoid others while making ourselves feel important. Am I the only one who sees this because it doesn't affect me? I know the minute it slips in my hands I'll be a tech zombie and that's a road I don't want to travel.

I'm watching "The Rules of Attraction" and boy, that Dawson Leery is much better not as Dawson Leery. And for those not following, I'm referring to James Van Der Beek. That's not the good part though, Ian Somerhalder is. On the IMDB's summary page they call his character Paul a bisexual but he seems just to be homosexual. There isn't a moment where he's interested in a female, in fact he seems to snarl at them. (Pause for laughter) A weird image to see in my mind. He's just striking. He shows up in a scene and I just zone in to him. He could be standing far back in the frame with two really hot guys standing on both sides of him and a freaking ficus covering the front of him, but I'd still be draw to him. It's weird, but watching the movie makes me do this. I've seen him in many different roles and never have I felt that way about his character. Gosh, I am one strange lady... I saw Marco Polo on Hallmark the other day and wondered what kind of accent he was would come and go. I would think Italian because wasn't Polo Italian? I never see the entire four hours, but I think I can watch it on Netflix. Thanks to Netflix I've had opportunity to watch some of his movies. One I really recommend is "Wake" which is a very light-hearted and funny film. He plays a vet in the film too!

Enough rambling.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Really Should Be Doing Something Productive

It is a new year and according to the Mayans our last in existence. Yippee! The end of 2010 was blurry and sad for me. I did not enjoy it the way I intended to, but even the best made plans get botched. The only importance to the holidays is family and when family is splinted, say by an event, it becomes empty. I feel like the past few years no one really cares about Christmas and what it's suppose to be other than Jesus' birthday which it isn't by the way. So, I sat at home on Christmas Eve laying about and having a few drinks which made me feel incredibly good being by myself for once. Christmas Day was brighter: amazing food from Grams, fun card games (won Sevens probably close to 10 times and I really stink at card games!), and a few presents. I got a watch because I'm very anal about time and not having one for several years grates me a little. New Year's Eve was spent with friends: food, games, and presents again! I'm usually the happiest when I least expect it. I blame my brother, Nick for that really...

I need to finish reading Gossip Girl, they keep sitting on my shelf taunting me to finish reading them. I kind of miss the sassy(did I just say that?) dialogue, stoned jocks, and bitchy drunk girls (aka Blair Waldorf) - oh forgot to include bulimic somewhere in there. Honestly, I thought I had problems (and I do) but they are not social problems. Nothing from my environment is affecting my problems, it's more like my mind responding to things in my environment. Wow, that might actually be redundant. Basically, I'm a non-smoking, socially anxious yet possibly self-destructive individual that's keen to reach out to the world and fix it and some of its people in the process. I'm just stuck at the "fixing me" part. I know there is a person somewhere in me and I know they are struggling to get out but they can't find the right door.

OK, I need to finish Gossip Girl , but Nightfall sits atop it with 20 pages (give or take) to finish. Not to mention there is a follow-up to it. My first impressions were so-so about the book and I could see why fans love the original series published back in the early 90s. The story was cohesive in those books and easier to follow. In Nightfall, I felt like I was thrown into a complete different world that the original books placed the audience in. Right away the use of technology threw me because chronologically if the original books were set at the time of their actual release and these books follow shortly after those (possible a week or so...) there wouldn't have been cell phones. It would have been 1991 or 1992. But, I understand these are being set-up to new readers and old ones, and we have to change with the changing times. The other problem was the story was convoluted with mystical side. It is not well explained until way into the second half of the book. Up before that point I kept having a furrow brow wondering what the hell is going on in Fell's Church. Matt and Meredith - my two favorite characters have small roles but they still dominate the scenes they appear in. Matt especially in his protection for Elena (which, let's face it, isn't used at all on the show) when they are in the Old Wood. If only his strength were found more on the show, maybe in the future (of the show) I will be pleasantly surprised.

What I liked about it - I found out what really is going on in Damon's head. Very small role in the original books so it's logical to see why he loves Elena. He is a bastard in many parts of the book even without possession (spoiler) and I guess I'm twisted because I wouldn't mind seeing some more of that in the show too. I know he was mean for half the first season and it's nice he's all "one with his humanity" but when he spikes with's meaningful. There was an interview I listened to where Ian Somerhalder (*sigh*) mentioned a scene in one of the books where Damon goes in a store and just compels and charms these women, but I was confused because I hadn't read any part like that. Well, I think it came from Nightfall because there is lots of Damon POV going on and it's a good starting point for playing that character.

Time to send off. I've got reading to do and sleep. Can't forget that...