Friday, December 9, 2011

Vamps are bad, bad, bad!

It's a weird place to be trapped, half way through books. I read the first three books in the Morganville Vampires series and it's a really good. I've seen people have it on their favorite list often so I decided to start reading them. The main character is a bright and smart young woman who I was excited in reading about because she isn't some meek waif that dominate loads of supernatural YA fiction. We need more Claire Danvers in the world then Bella Swans (although there are a few strengths I liked in her but they neglected to include most in the film versions)! I rather read about a female who is capable, fearful, and logical around vampires. Not every girl should go lush over a sparkly vampire (or a blood-thirsty one either). The series blends different characters who carry lives out in different levels - ghost/vampire, goth, rebel, smart chick - and seamlessly makes it all work. I feel like I could meet them in my life and be good friends with them. I also like how vampires are just bad, bad, bad, but can have depth for humane reasons. It's a better approach then most YA fiction I've read currently. I need to finish up the series because the progression is interesting how this invisible girl from nowhere becomes intertwined with all these odd supernatural problems and still maintains a life. It reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with it's array of quirky dialogue and characters that each portray a different side of the stories of each book. Michael Glass is , by far, my favorite character in the series and I suppose I have a "thing" for the protective, nice guy.

Hoping to read through books I've left on my shelf, finish, and promptly place it back in it's holder. There are few I've read half way and then put away, forget about it, and realize it still needs to be completely read from cover to cover. Once done, I'll go back to the MV series.

Christmas is coming soon and there was light snow coverage this morning. Lucky me to go trotting through it! The tree is up and the lights are hanging on the gutter of the house. Now, if only I could think of presents to buy...if I had money. It's going to be a Tiny Tim Christmas if ever there was one in my household. I don't expect gifts and I don't care to receive them. I wish I could read people better so I know what to give, some people I know are hard to please and that pisses me off. I think I'll just make some desserts instead, I'm good at that and I enjoy the work in the kitchen.

That's all, take care.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

crunch fetish

Damned Halloween 50 percent off candy! I've become addicted to Crunch bars and I'm not a big fan of them...Sometimes I feel like a foodwhore. I thought of being a pastry chef, I think it would be great. I've watched those people doing cake challenges and whatnot on the Food Network, I could make fondant the rest of my life. I can't watch the Food Network anymore, it makes me hungry. I do love the how-do-they-make-it shows, especially the one hosted by Marc Summers, can't remember the title.

I sound like an obsessive, overweight weirdo...but I could talk food for ages.

Monday, October 31, 2011

trick or treat

Some random things I've enjoyed recently:

Misfits. U.K. series that I just sat and watched the two seasons on Hulu. I have seen constant fandom for this show and I didn't have a clue what it was about but I wanted to see what the fascination of it was so I went to IMDB and looked up the summary. Five juvies having to work at their community center as part of their sentencing and end up in the middle of a freak storm that zaps them with superpowers. The show could have been very bad, but from the first episode it's good. They have these powers and none of them want them - each episode something disastrous happens and the team uses their powers in some way to fix it. Kelly can hear people's thoughts, Curtis can go backwards through time, Simon can turn invisible, Alisha can make people really horny from touching her, and Nathan cannot die along with seeing ghosts.

What keeps the show from becoming horribly cliche (like it very well could have been) is the kids deal with the powers probably how I might if I ever got zapped in a lightning/hail storm. They don't take advantage of them and more or less look down on them because of the trouble they cause. Sort of similar to Skins, it depicts young adults as they really are and it's a character study show. I've noticed both shows never really overshadowed other characters but keeps them all separately important. Most shows I have watched tend to start out with every character equal and then some characters/couples/story lines get "front and center" while others turn into background noise. I really never see this with U.K. shows I've watched and I like that aspect.

Longview. A British band that had one album, Mercury, but a really good one. I first heard some of their tracks on the short-lived WB series, Tarzan but looked them up on Rhapsody later on and heard their entire album. They have an alternative pop/rock sound if I could label it anyway. There are upbeat songs and sweet ballads equally on the album. My favorite tracks are Further, Can't Explain, and If You Asked but the whole album is pretty golden. Usually use it as ambient music for when I am busy doing things. I was surprised they did not have follow-up and I'm not sure if they are even a band anymore. I did stumble upon a few of their videos. I assume they had little success in the U.K. because I never heard anything about them here in the U.S. except they were in an American television show.

Joe Jonas. I will admit I have Jonas Brothers albums and I do enjoy some of their tracks. I've also harbored a crush on Joe ever since I've heard of them though he did have some bad hair-dos (or is it hair-don'ts?) back then. So when he ventured to do a solo project I wondered what it would be and it ain't too shabby. His album, Fastlife, is some nice, upbeat dance music and his singles "See No More" and "Just in Love" are enjoyable but my favorite track is "Love Slayer", just love the idea behind it. I would love to see him act more, I saw the episode of Hot in Cleveland he appeared in. Besides, he seems to be comfortable as he is and willing to make fun of his self, I could see him in a comedy or an ensemble piece and fitting right in. Actually, it doesn't really matter what he was in, I just think he'd be good in it.

That's it really...oh, Happy Halloween since it is the day. I almost forgot! Wow, I should have talked about some scary movies or Halloween songs I like. I heard "The Blob" by the Five Blobs yesterday and it made me laugh. I like the movie but I don't remember there being some theme song for it. "Monster Mash" is another classic along with "Thriller", "House of a Thousand Corpses" by Rob Zombie is great. I love his music...I can never get enough of him or Alice Cooper. They know how to do spooky tunes really well.

Unpleasant dreams, everyone!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What the hell am I doing?

Hmm...things I have been doing lately.

Reading a story a friend wrote. I love reading stories that friends have written, I feel like I'm getting to know them better. I enjoy it much more than trying to write a story on my own. Right now, I'm in the process of editing some of my stories and re-writing some of it. Been working on outlines mostly, I come up with many ideas that I never fully divulge into an actual story. I should become an editor, but I much rather be a special effects make-up artist or costume design. I have to learn about it first, I think I would enjoy it better than anything else I have done in my life.

I'm thinking of a blog entry where I comparethe first and second seasons of "The Vampire Diaries" because after watching the second season again, it just reminds me how flippin' different they are and I would actually mind pushing into the deeper canals of the character lines on the show. Oh and for everyone that thinks Matt Donovan should be killed off the show, a big F and U for you. I've heard a few times he should have been killed instead of Jenna. Well, ya know, at least Jenna had some kind of story arc on the show, but she's more a supportive player and parents don't last long on the show. (Watch out, Alaric!) He's like Elena's quasi-stepfather which is weird when I think about it.

I love Matt, he's one of my favorite characters and I've passionately stated this before. I love him in the book and I feel like throttling the writers for not giving him more of a storyline. For goodness sake's he's still in love with Elena and they don't think to use that ever? I mean, first season they used that a little against Stefan but Matt seems harmless against a vampire. Of course, now that he knows all about what's really going on, how long is going to stay out of it? Strangely, I can imagine Katherine using him for a chew toy, but I hope it never comes to that!

Zach Roerig is great as Matt and cute as hell. Supposedly he's played a bad guy in other work and I'd like to see that. In "Masquerade" when he was being a jerk to Tyler you could see that there, but he was under compulsion. LOVE HIM! Gah, I go fangirl...ugh I'm good.

Been reading horribly strange and rude comments on my youtube videos. People arguing in the comments of videos bothers me because it has nothing to do with the video or it's about how hot someone is in it. Stupid as hell. Really, only leave a comment if it means something people, otherwise you'll get my famous eye rolling.

That's it I'm done for now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

buffy, how I remember thee...

I was just sitting here listening to Four Star Mary which got me thinking about the bronze which ultimately got me thinking about the television series, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

My love affair started back when FX would show re-runs of the show, first during their evening spot (5:00-6:00 p.m.) and later in the morning (6:00 & 7:00 a.m.). The first episode I ever watched was "Who Are You?" which was an awful one for me. I remember thinking Buffy was such a slut while she was grinding up against Spike in the one scene. Little did I know that wasn't Buffy, but Faith, her evil counterpart. I disliked the show after seeing just a little and all I thought to myself was "Buffy sure is sleazy..." Probably a month goes by and I'm flipping channels when what do you know? "Buffy" is on again but this time was tuned it. She was strong, opinionated, and way better than I had last seen her. The second time I watched an episode, it was "The Gift" and that's probably one of the best episodes of the entire series. Period. That episode made me look at the show as something much deeper than I gave it credit for.

So every afternoon I came home from school and watched "Buffy" in my parent's room because I didn't have a TV in my room as a kid. Besides, the first TV I did have was black and white and only got about seven or eight channels you had to turn with a dial. I loved that little TV set, but back to my story here. I came home every day and while my Mom was cooking dinner I would sit and watch the slayer kick ass. Sometimes I was even late to dinner and my family could see I was becoming obsessed. I saw the later seasons first: five, six, and seven before seeing the earlier ones. That's probably why I've always been a Spike fan and not an Angel one, but I'll take about that later on. Once I had a newer TV (color and cable!) and a VCR I would record whatever episodes I could. I figured out how many seasons and episodes they were and went so far to buy a guide, unfortunately one without season seven included. I always love reading about extras!

I started buying the seasons when I was 14 or so and season four was the first one I purchased (though not the best season) followed by the fifth, sixth, seventh. The first was a Christmas present one year and finally I purchased season two and three together. As much as I love the show, I've never shared my thoughts about it because I rarely had many people I could talk about it with. I started writing fan fiction in school when I should have been paying attention to my work. That's when I actually talked to people who knew about it. Nikki, a girl who sat in front of me in my English class, was a fan because her older sisters grew up watching it. We used to always joke about Oz's "I mock you with my monkey pants!" line. I think she even wrote it in one of my yearbooks. The other person was a girl named Jessica in my math class who saw me writing my stories. I told her what they were about one day when she asked me and she read some of what I wrote. I don't know if she was being kind or what but she said she liked it. I assume she just watched the show sporadically. I'm sure there are more fans out there than I know and I'm starting to see that since I joined a forum and chatted up a few people about it. Oh, and a turned a former best friend of mine onto Buffy too, long time ago when we were good friends. We both drooled over Spike's hotness (I'm so lame!)...strangely enough she's a big fan of "Supernatural" now and that was my next big obsession after "Buffy".

I obsessed for four years and did move on to other shows...but that will always stick out as my first obsession. There were shows I liked before but never as adamantly. Sarah Michelle Gellar is a role model to me and a great actress. I'm happy to see her return to television since it has been many years since her role as Buffy Summers. I guess my issue of Spike versus Angel has to do with the fact I think Angel is a boring character. He's too sad and dull for me. At least Spike embodies more of how I see a vampire: ravenous, cocky, and tough. I never watched the spin-off "Angel" for that simple reason albeit I did watch season five for Spike. And it was something to watch after "Buffy" ended.

Maybe I'll do some character profiles and talk about why I like (or don't like) certain parts of their personality/choices/progression.

There is a quick walk down my Buffy history....leave me comments about your first experiences with the show or if you'd like to argue some points with me, go ahead, I like a challenge.


Friday, August 12, 2011


This was on the way to Mall of America in Minnesota. I love scenic pictures and I took many of them. The sky was gorgeous that day and built-in cliff foliage made it better.

Hockey is a great sport to watch live. I've only been to one game, but it was insanely loud and the crowd has such an energy. That's one sport I'd go see all the time if I could.

These are the Gossip Girl books I'm trying to plow through at the moment. I'm second to last, "Only In My Dreams", but after I'm done with this stack there are 3 more books in the series! I've enjoyed this series more than expected, but I do hate the rich, stuck-up Blair Waldorf. She's awful. I'm thinking about checking the show out and seeing if it's worth watching but I'll stick with the books for right now.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

books, bromance, and broken coffee cups

I looked down at my coffee cup the other day and there was a huge chip in it. I've never seen a chipped last before, shattered - yes, and brand new - yes. I think the chipping has to be me banging the edge of the cup against the glass rotating plate in the newer (smaller) microwave because I'm not used to the height difference (or size difference). I think it would have been cooler if it actually made the cup leak but I guess I'm not that lucky to wish for a really broken coffee mug. Now you all think I'm strange, don't you?

There are some new Supernatural fiction out (coming out) that I need to read. I have the first three books they released years ago. I had no idea if they bothered making any more and I certainly enjoyed the ones I've read so I am ready for some new ones. Borders is going out of business, maybe I can get a deal on one of the books there? They never carry what I'm looking for in store and then I have difficulty finding it in store. I could just be stupid and not have any sense of direction but I think the system is whack there! I ain't too sad about them closing...obviously.

I've been watching the Glee Project even though I don't watch Glee (don't know how that figures...) and I love both Cameron and Damian. They have a fantastic bromance that I joke about every time I watch a new episode. I both love their voices too. They both share that old crooner voice like Michael Buble or Frank Sinatra but Cameron's a little lighter while Damian a bit deeper and rockier with his voice. If they don't win, they should definitely find a place in the entertainment industry because they have talent and a slice of humble pie. But mostly, they got that killer bromance!!! It's funny me using that word since I dislike it very much, but it just is what the duo is. They are that great I'm willing to use that word.

I was sitting down looking through one of many books I have laying about and I was so relieved that I was reading something I really fucking felt like reading. I always dreaded being assigned books to read whether it's several chapters or one passage. The only time I have passion for reading is when I am fully involved and/or invested in what I'm reading. I like when I get suggestions or books to borrow from friends/family. My aunt gave me a box of Alex Cross novels by James Patterson I would like to take a stab at reading all the way through to the last one. I think borrowed books let me know what kind of books people I know like and I think it speaks volumes of what they like because it's all about interests. I read lots of YA books but mostly fantasy/science fiction/horror because that's what I obsess over. But, I'm not trendy about it. I'll be roped into reading some books that way (Need to look into the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, they sound reasonably interesting, doesn't mean I will be seeing the movie they won't shut up about...) but I just mostly go by cover then summary before reading it. And not to be pretentious but 9 out of 10 times I like the book better than screen adaptation. Sometimes the movie tells the story better by expanding or contracting some of the details or side plots. It's been hard to find books to get attached to and I'm always looking for new ones.

Reminds me I need to buy the last Vampire Diaries book, Midnight because Damon is human in it! I was a surprised with that happening at the end of Shadow Souls. Boy, that book was long, as in it took me forever to read. It felt like it could have been summarized in like twenty chapters but it went way past that. I just need a satisfying conclusion so maybe that's what I get. Cross ma fingers, hopin' for the best!

I'm carrying on too long, good night.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i'm taking a bite out of Teen Wolf & Stiles!

As much as I am an 80s whore, I still haven't seen the 1985 classic Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox (though it is cued up in on Netflix for future viewing). I've seen bits of it on television and wasn't too impressed, if I want to enjoy Fox I'd cue up Back to the Future instead. I do like Supernatural premises if you couldn't guess by looking around on my blog so it's probably just the cheese I very well expect it to be. It will be viewed all in good time (I've got Camelot to finish watching first!). Oh, I have seen Teen Wolf Too with Jason Bateman and that's bad so I have to believe that the first film is just a slightly better film. On to the segue - I have been watching the MTV series which I thought at first was just a movie for the network until I noticed it said "new series" and then I just said "OK, fine, I'll give that a chance".

This show has been getting rather wide receipted reviews which not only surprised me but pushed my interest further to check out the series. The plot lines are OK, somewhat weak but perceptive to the tween/young adult audience. Scott is your basic main character whom I've yet to see break out of his wolf-bound secret, but will probably be more diverse after the lush drama is dispensed about his hairy side. Allison is perhaps too perfect in her slight build and who is accosted by every boy on the show like the only pretty girl magnet in the school (never sure why they tend to do that to every nice girl on a show anyway...) but she's a tier above Lydia since she's just annoying. I do understand that's her character , the Queen Bee, the uptight fashionista that desperately seeks to be on the highest pedestal in the high school hierarchy. I like Jackson so far, I suppose he's the mean jock, but he comes across as a troubled teen and I connect to his plight stronger than Scott's own. Besides he's getting bullied worse than anyone else on the show, poor guy needs to be cut a break! Derek Hale is interesting as a mentor wolf and I wish they would play up on that side of Scott instead of the romance one.

Hands down, my favorite character on the show is Stiles (played by Dylan O'Brien), Scott's best friend and the werewolf aficionado of the group. Not only is he played brilliantly with deadpan and over-the-top humor but a strong, helpful hand in his friend's recent misfortunes. To me, they could have wrote his character off as being the best friend that says something stupid before running off, but he's the only one logically devising ideas and plans to protect not only himself but everyone around him (case in point, hitting Jackson in the face for suggesting bringing his father, the sheriff, to his death by giant, alpha wolf). When Scott explained he was bit by a wolf, Stiles read up and prepared himself with the reality. He didn't blindly think it was awesome, and that would have bothered me to bits, but he took the smarter approach. He reminds me a tad of Randy Meeks from the Scream series, the guy who knows everything and is using his knowledge the best way for the situation. Stiles keeps me tuned in every Monday otherwise I may have left off after the second episode. I can't stand the "what if" romance crap, he's turning into a freaking wolf, falling in love not an option.

I love the adult supporting cast as well. JR Bourne (Ginger Snaps Back. 13 Ghosts, Selling Innocence) plays Allison's father who is also a werewolf hunter along with his sister werewolf hunter played by Jill Wagner (Blade: The Series, Wipeout!) and Stiles father, the Sheriff, is played by none other than Linden Ashby (Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil: Extinction). The cast does a good job all around and the special effects make-up isn't dreadfully corny and the Alpha wolf is somewhat intimidating and ferocious. I do hope Jackson becomes a werewolf hunter too, looks like he's headed in that direction though the scratches on his neck say other wise. Could he possibly be a wolf from a scratch and not a bite? I thought those went hand-in-hand...I'll guess I'll just wait and see.

If you haven't seen Teen Wolf, it's worth a look compared to the crap on MTV nowadays. It's Monday nights at 8/9c but they tend to repeat the aired episodes throughout the week, usually late.

Talk soon & take care all!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

times do fly

Gaw! It's been almost a month since I've posted! How can this be so? Sorry, I've been busy the last month watching the non-stop Spike Star Wars saga marathons. And, guess what? There's another one this Fourth of July weekend! Another reason to find creepy meanings behind Yoda's senility!

Harry Potter's great legacy completes itself in 15 days and it's starting to sink in for me. The series of books and films have been a wonderful staple in my friendships for the past ten years. Every book launch and midnight show my group of friends and I would trek out and stay up all night for. We'd play games, tell jokes, and eat Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans (and I have gotten my share of booger flavored ones, but grass is worse IMO, oh wait, sardine is just disgusting). It'll be a shock if I don't tear up a bit at the final show, but I'm not positive if I''m even going. I usually not the one buying the tickets so I'll probably need to be looking into that soon... It has been a long ride and half my life so I can accompany much happy times to the bespectacled wizard. I'm not sure what group outings we'll do instead...maybe a book club? Always wanted to try one of those.

I want MTV to play more video blocks and less "16 and Pregnant". I don't think it's great that my generation gets bad pregnancy shows instead hours and hours of streaming music videos. Hell, I'd like VH1 Classic to play more video blocks. Only time they do is when no one is awake unless you are me who sleeps little because I'm an insomniac most days. I've become obsessed with this British band "Breathe" who became popular during the late 80s-early 90s era. They have these gorgeous ballads, some songs I've seen on VH1 Classic Totally 80s video blocks. I'm surprised they had minor success considering how powerful some of their songs are, they could have been hard hitters with the best. I've only heard a few songs but I'm going to check out their albums when I get a chance.

Here's their "Hands to Heaven" music video which I have the song repeat lately.

They truly embody the music I love from the 80s besides arena rock. A very talented group and I'm glad I came across them too.

I felt like I may have wanted to rant more but I think that's all folks!

Monday, May 30, 2011

cool breeze and all...

Oh boy, here comes the heat. I'm not very certain if I love summer or hate it. The warm sun always feels nice on my skin, but that dewy sheet of humidity that sheen it is unbearable. Summer is the time to get away from life, live in a mystery. It's vacation time, people. I'll probably go somewhere even against my will to say hidden from the public. It's a time to catch up on reading, my favorite thing. I'll spend half the day out on the porch or in the back yard on a lawn chair. Most people go to the beach, but I never do, personally never been one with laying half naked in front of a bunch of strangers.

Ugh, I'll finish this post later.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

anger & tv i'm watchin'

I've been very angry all day and I'm not positive why. I've been avoiding people because I get snappy and say mean things. It's not biological, that's for sure. I don't have a bipolar disorder, I usually carry the same temperament always. There are things that have been going on that have been waning on me and is possibly causing this weird personality decay. I don't like being angry or mean, I like to be a sweet, caring person as much as possible. I've been hitting breaking points lately where everything that's being kept up is unraveling faster than a spool of thread. My mood has to be from copious amounts of events that have made me worry with no reason so it's starting to piss me off. I get that.

The Vampire Diaries is on hiatus for summer and season 2 has wrapped. I've enjoyed this season and I have to agree with some about too many plot focuses and not enough character focuses. Next season I can only hope for it. Some of my other shows still have finales to air. Supernatural is suppose to be tomorrow night but it said the last episode they will air on Sunday night instead. I hate when they move it, there must be sports on. Damn you sports! Make It or Break It is on Monday night, a full two hours - go Max & Payson! Oh, Supernatural's finale is two hours long too, how could I forget! It's odd considering none of the others are and it's not the last season. Oh well, more Sam and Dean and Cass and Bobby...and potentially Crowley. I've become confused with that show, I feel like an idiot but I just feel the story lines have become crowded and I don't know why the angels plot is still there. I don't know, I could go into a long rant on my feelings of it, but I'll spare anyone the trouble today. Besides, I just don't feel like it.

I watch Breakout Kings on Sunday now. It's like most typically cop-like dramas, but I have to say Jimmi Simpson is what keeps me interested in it. I love his character and the comedic bridge he builds across the episodes. I've seen the guy in countless roles already and he typically has played characters like the one on BK before, but it suits him. Ghost Adventures is still kickin', I missed last week's episode because I forget, complete fail on my part. I could probably find it online and watch it. Also watching NCIS: LA on Tuesday because Deeks is my boy. Yes, I'm an Eric Christian Olsen fan even if he plays a douche in almost every role. I really liked him in the movie Write or Wrong. Less douche-y, more nice guy there. He plays a nice guy on the show though too so I'm not saying he doesn't there.

This summer I'll probably watch MTV's Teen Wolf being the 80s fan I am, although I have a feeling this will be much different from the Michael J. Fox version. Pretty Little Liars, maybe and I want to see 9 Lives of Chloe King. I never watched PLL before but they had a marathon on before the last finale and I was just sitting and watching it all day because I couldn't find anything better to do. I've been watching a buttload of television lately, I'm ready to take a break.

Oh, summer hiatus is about four months long. Nothing but strawberry daiquiris, lots of sun, hanging with friends, and exercise. And reading, lots of books to be read this summer. Maybe a trip somewhere too if timing is just right. I hope everyone enjoys there summer, I know I will try my best. Anyone got any good plans, let me know!

Monday, April 18, 2011

it's completely different now...

I'm 21 years old and I grew up a kid mostly in the 90s and early 2000s. Now, I'm about to say something that everyone has admitted all across the internet in many different ways. Kid's television programming is awful today and I feel very sorry to those who don't get to experience better shows.

My complaint to shows that dominant today's channels are they radiate the wrong messages. First, they use all this cool technology prompting kids that they need a cell phone just as much as Hannah Montana or ICarly. Second, I just find the humor crass and boring and it makes me think producers and writers alike are trying to "dumb down" younger generations. Isn't bad enough that most young people can't write normal sentences anymore because of texting and AIM? Third, all these new kid shows are about people being famous which can be spun as a way to inspire kids to do what they dream BUT old shows were just kind of normal. Suburbia with hijinks or a selling point for a story line. Kid's shows used to show KIDS BEING KIDS. Where the hell did that go?

The most important element to me is the lack of FUN in newer shows. I was watching old clips of "All That" which was one of my favorite shows on Nick and I still love it. I realize every skit carried some ridiculous stunt or over-the-top theme, but there was fun in what the cast was doing and it just looks like they are having fun. (Well, except they are on national television and get paid for it.) Even animated series like "X-Men" or "Spider-Man" had some mature story lines for cartoons.

Everything is very different now. I don't think a 12-year-old needs a cell phone. They should be outside riding their bike, like I did years ago. I don't know, it's not really that I think my childhood was better, it just it's so very different from how kids grow up now. I can't imagine being a parent now. And I really needed to vent that because it's pretty awful that it is so bad. Guess we don't even need television anymore when the internet is massive.

I'm hoping some of my other favorite Nick and Disney shows come on DVD some day. I know many have been and I heard Teen Nick or something was re-airing certain shows for a late night block. I remember "All That" was being played a few years back when the N was still around. Really would love that show on DVD and it really deserves a proper release.

Also, Josh Server was and will be always flippin' awesome in my book. I had a crush on him when I was a kid and I still think he's cute. I ain't the only one, most comments I've read are about how everyone had a crush on him and thinks he is a "hottie". He had a great energetic and physical capacity with comedy while on "All That" and it's crazy he stayed on as long as he did. Rather surprised he didn't do more after because he has talent, but maybe he wanted something different. I know he came back for the "All That" reunion and has done a few bit roles on other Nick TV shows. (Which reminds me of how the Nick studios don't exist anymore...) I loved him on "Figure It Out" and got slimed so much on there! I still can't think of Nickelodeon without the image of LOTS and LOTS of green slime.

Good times...good times...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

does time really travel?

I don't see why every slight review I come across for S. Darko is negative. I've watched it several times and I enjoy it. Albeit, I don't understand the whole plot very well. In fact, there may very well be many plot holes in the film that never get smoothed out. I enjoy it for it's style and cinematography, soundtrack, and odd characters. Nothing really develops over the period of the film yet I never felt I left empty-handed. Has nice dialogue pieces in a few scenes, rather existential in nature, but it is what Donnie Darko was like. I never really understood what the plot of that film was either. I do understand the basics, but it's just creepy the whole way through like a never-ending dream. Both movies are set in a fugue state and actually best watched in the middle of the night. It's like a late night movie, something you can go to sleep with on your mind.

To me, these films just set all these things up that were never to occur which basically exes out the last hour or two you spent watching. The whole time travel spiel is complicated in my opinion and can be argued for decades to come. I hate getting into debates on the Back to the Future trilogy because logic can be argued endlessly on the discontinuity of it all. At this point, I'll take it as it is. Sometimes I want to think on what I'm watching and other times I just want to drift in my mind. These films allow me to follow the flow they procure from each scene to the next and just let time take me on its journey whether it's end game truly defines anything.

I just want to be entertained, I don't even want to compare each film to the other. One was a cult movie and the other a straight to DVD sequel, shouldn't that tell you something? There's no way in hell it's going to compare considering the pedestal one puts Donnie Darko on and than sticks a smaller, almost novella in a vague vein of the source material against it. It won't compare so enjoy it as it is. If was irrelevant maybe someone wouldn't be very harsh...but who cares, right?

Still trying to figure out how I feel about Ed Westwick. I like him in almost everything I've watched him in. He's strange and has a very rough American accent. I love his true British one too, they sound very seperate, but equally appealing. He's in S. Darko and I like his character seem like a rip on James Dean or something, but it works just for him there. Would 50s greaser be a popular look in the mid-90s? Sideburns alone rocked the decade and that bad bowl-shaped haircut. What a conundrum.

Have I ranted well enough yet? Have I bored a random visitor who merely wanted peruse and not here me wailing about this crap? Well, I love this crap and I take pity on the cheesy and underrated and under-appreciated things. I like, scratch that, love the little things that no one gives a shit about. I'll continue to seek random and weird things to publicly illicit my love for and I don't have to care what others think because no one even reads my stinking blog!

S. Darko is not the worse movie experience I've had (Bloodrayne will never compare to anything else *shutters*) and it's not the best, but it's a movie I'd revisit in the middle of the night. Preferably when my mind is clear and slowly buzzing to get a good night's sleep. I think I need a caffeine drip soon. Just that we are clear, I'm not a huge caffeine-head, but I get my share when I need it. I'll think of something better to talk about next entry.

Good night.

Monday, March 14, 2011

cutting your own hair rates crazy

So, I've cut my hair twice in the same month and each time shorter. First, it was just a bob then I totally hacked it down to a pixie cut. I love it now, very short hair which I've never had in my life. My family just freaked out calling me insane for taking the chop job for myself. I don't really care and I wouldn't be doing it myself if I didn't have complete confidence behind it. Also, I really wanted all my hair gone, I needed something very different and now I have it. I LOVE IT. Plausibly my parents could rule this in favor of a mental breakdown, but I'm thinking pretty clear on this one. I feel more feminine and pretty with short hair now. I've wanted it short for a long time, last summer was the first time I commented that I wanted to try really short hair. I am happy with what I did and I feel better now.

Being Human series 3 just ended and Mitchell is dead. At least, I believe he is. I wonder how they'll bring him back. He's a seriously dark character and I've never really thought that through before. I always liked him and Annie and George. I've never been particular about Nina, she's always been a bit cruel to me. She's great to George though, he's such a sweet character. Well, can't wait for series 4.

I need to read the last Vampire Diaries book, but I have yet to purchase it. I can't finish my GG books until I finish that series. Once I'm on one order it's impossible to move on until I'm done with that series. It's an odd, OCD type of behavior I'm aware, but it's just the way I operate.

My 21st birthday is around the corner and there is no excitement in me about it, is that possible?

I've got some things to figure...good evening, all.

Monday, February 28, 2011

only time i'm creatively encouraged is 6 am

Popped by for a post in between watching old Saturday Night Live re-runs and no I don't mean ones from like two weeks ago. I'm watching 90s material here. I thought the early and late 90s had strong casts, the middle years were trying to find their ground in between stellar casts. Gosh, it reminds me how much I love Jimmy Fallon. He could never keep a straight face in any of his sketches and that's basically what I would watch for if he was in one. I don't think he's kept a straight face on any of his "Late Night" interviews. The Cow Bell one he definitely had his hand up on his mouth the entire time. I've always liked Jimmy...except the films he's made, those are awful. They just weren't that good even if you put him in a scene with Oscar winners...he'd probably be laughing with his hand over his face. Loved the album he released "Off the Bathroom Wall" I believe it's called and it has some really funny bits on it. He's a real goofball but that's what makes him likable to me. Did he ever get all the Saved by the Bell cast together for a reunion? That would have been sweet.

Fixed up a new layer with the odd template's blogger has. I didn't want to bugger it too much, but it looks okay. I always make everything really dark because I like it that way. It's either really dark or really light, stark contrasts.

Really, really excited that Henry Cavill gets to be the new Superman! Yeah! Woot! I had a fit when I saw the Entertainment Weekly cover he was on. I think squealing may have been involved. Zack Snyder is slated to direct so I'm hoping it'll be good. I really love his remake of Dawn of the Dead (CJ!) and adaptations of The Watchmen and 300. I'm not a big comic fan but he certainly is true to source material and that's what fans love. Can't wait to see how Cavill's Clark Kent will be!

I finished re-reading Stephenie Meyer's The Host for the first time since I bought it over two years ago. It was sitting on the shelf for a long time and I kept thinking I should read it again. I decided to do this after watching a few fan trailers on Youtube that piqued my interest in the story again. With remembering a little from the first read, I enjoyed it more the second time through. I can say right now that I think that book is a thousand times better than all four Twilight novels she wrote and science fiction is more her place. I love the idea (not that it hasn't been done often already) and the characters. I have to say Meyer's always makes one character I absolutely love and keeps me interested in. The battered female is a staple in both the Twilight Saga and The Host and that always bothered me. I think Bella was weak about many things but Wanderer or Mel in this book starts out kind of battered and learns to be a stronger person. Partly because of the human still in there and Ian's help for her to find her own voice. I heard there is talk of this being made into a film, but I hope it's just rumors because the appeal for me would be completely ruined.

Vampire Diaries is out until April 7...why such long hiatuses? Supernatural will get it soon as well. Friday's episode was hilarious though. Misha got killed, little surprised by that. Him (as himself) was awesome, best part of the show. Complete contrast to the serious nature of Castiel. Lovely...

I've got to go buy Shadow Souls and read it! I'm kind of interested to see where Elena/Damon dynamic goes. Read somewhere Smith wanted them together in the end, no clue if that's true. Matt's there too! They really need to get him back into the show. I'm Team Damon on the show (who isn't really?) but I'm such a Matt fanatic I love him in the book and show and I really want him to get some bigger part in it. I know it's difficult in an hour block to get like ten different characters stories all in...but I want more Matt! I'm more of a Tyler/Caroline fan. Speaking of Tyler, 180 of awesomeness on the show! Can't wait for his character's return. I'm starting to get sick of Katherine. I know that she's there to stir the pot and fuck things up for everyone, but when she's there I feel like it detracts from characters developing because it's like getting junk punched to the past. I love the history stuff but man, it just shows her being more a bitch. Everyone likes that though. One thing is for sure now, Damon ain't falling for it anymore. He totally pushes her aside in the last episode. Classic...I just laughed my ass off. Just means Katherine is going to have to get creative, huh?


P.S. I wish it was still that sound of rain pounding, makes my eyes extra droopy.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I just finished watching The Last Song and Miley Cyrus' mouth is odd. I don't know why, maybe it's the overbite of her teeth because it looks like an overbite. It just bothered me when I was watching it. Also, she has the posture of a 15-year old boy, she walked like that at least. The movie was as expected as any Nicolas Sparks' one goes - love, loss, and happiness. I was bored and was browsing Netflix, it was up there so I clicked "Play". I felt it was too long at an hour and forty-two minutes. It wasn't as long as The Notebook which I snored half way through it. Greg Kinnear was good in his supportive role.

I watched this movie Exam before it and that was very good. It was a little independent psych-thriller from the U.K. It's your basic "stick a bunch of people in a room and let all there little secrets come out because they are forced to save their life". That had close to the same running time and it was 10 times more convincing with it's story and characters. Sorry, Miley, I just ain't believin' you as a sad, angry teenager. Perhaps too much Hannah "Insta-gag" Montana has done me in. (She's probably a really nice gal though so I'm not going to be really mean because she doesn't deserve it. She probably gets enough crap from the internet.)

Should be asleep right now and I've manage to post a lot this month. Something to do with my lack of a normal life, I think. I'm starting to think being locked up in a room for 80 minutes with 7 strangers is a real dream come true. Oh, Russian Roulette, here I come!

Really...better go. Hands going numb, sleep is required for survival. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random Annoyances

You know, I just posted a day ago but I am compelled to write a little more. There have been certain occurrences in my life recently that I have believed to set something in motion. I don't know if it will be positive or negative, but I hope it helps me. Desperately, I want to see my only two friends (I know I am lonely and loser-like, sue me), but I never do and I feel it is because they don't want to spend time with me. I can write it off as other things but I have to believe if they truly wanted to spend their time with me they would find a way.

Who cares how things are done, as long as they are done? Why is it impossible for others to care about other people or themselves for that matter? What the fuck kind of world was I born into??? I realize some things get better over time and others get worse. Robert Frost predicted it would end in either fire or ice. I have a feeling ice will suffice. We ALIENATE each other and use little poisonous devices to avoid others while making ourselves feel important. Am I the only one who sees this because it doesn't affect me? I know the minute it slips in my hands I'll be a tech zombie and that's a road I don't want to travel.

I'm watching "The Rules of Attraction" and boy, that Dawson Leery is much better not as Dawson Leery. And for those not following, I'm referring to James Van Der Beek. That's not the good part though, Ian Somerhalder is. On the IMDB's summary page they call his character Paul a bisexual but he seems just to be homosexual. There isn't a moment where he's interested in a female, in fact he seems to snarl at them. (Pause for laughter) A weird image to see in my mind. He's just striking. He shows up in a scene and I just zone in to him. He could be standing far back in the frame with two really hot guys standing on both sides of him and a freaking ficus covering the front of him, but I'd still be draw to him. It's weird, but watching the movie makes me do this. I've seen him in many different roles and never have I felt that way about his character. Gosh, I am one strange lady... I saw Marco Polo on Hallmark the other day and wondered what kind of accent he was would come and go. I would think Italian because wasn't Polo Italian? I never see the entire four hours, but I think I can watch it on Netflix. Thanks to Netflix I've had opportunity to watch some of his movies. One I really recommend is "Wake" which is a very light-hearted and funny film. He plays a vet in the film too!

Enough rambling.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Really Should Be Doing Something Productive

It is a new year and according to the Mayans our last in existence. Yippee! The end of 2010 was blurry and sad for me. I did not enjoy it the way I intended to, but even the best made plans get botched. The only importance to the holidays is family and when family is splinted, say by an event, it becomes empty. I feel like the past few years no one really cares about Christmas and what it's suppose to be other than Jesus' birthday which it isn't by the way. So, I sat at home on Christmas Eve laying about and having a few drinks which made me feel incredibly good being by myself for once. Christmas Day was brighter: amazing food from Grams, fun card games (won Sevens probably close to 10 times and I really stink at card games!), and a few presents. I got a watch because I'm very anal about time and not having one for several years grates me a little. New Year's Eve was spent with friends: food, games, and presents again! I'm usually the happiest when I least expect it. I blame my brother, Nick for that really...

I need to finish reading Gossip Girl, they keep sitting on my shelf taunting me to finish reading them. I kind of miss the sassy(did I just say that?) dialogue, stoned jocks, and bitchy drunk girls (aka Blair Waldorf) - oh forgot to include bulimic somewhere in there. Honestly, I thought I had problems (and I do) but they are not social problems. Nothing from my environment is affecting my problems, it's more like my mind responding to things in my environment. Wow, that might actually be redundant. Basically, I'm a non-smoking, socially anxious yet possibly self-destructive individual that's keen to reach out to the world and fix it and some of its people in the process. I'm just stuck at the "fixing me" part. I know there is a person somewhere in me and I know they are struggling to get out but they can't find the right door.

OK, I need to finish Gossip Girl , but Nightfall sits atop it with 20 pages (give or take) to finish. Not to mention there is a follow-up to it. My first impressions were so-so about the book and I could see why fans love the original series published back in the early 90s. The story was cohesive in those books and easier to follow. In Nightfall, I felt like I was thrown into a complete different world that the original books placed the audience in. Right away the use of technology threw me because chronologically if the original books were set at the time of their actual release and these books follow shortly after those (possible a week or so...) there wouldn't have been cell phones. It would have been 1991 or 1992. But, I understand these are being set-up to new readers and old ones, and we have to change with the changing times. The other problem was the story was convoluted with mystical side. It is not well explained until way into the second half of the book. Up before that point I kept having a furrow brow wondering what the hell is going on in Fell's Church. Matt and Meredith - my two favorite characters have small roles but they still dominate the scenes they appear in. Matt especially in his protection for Elena (which, let's face it, isn't used at all on the show) when they are in the Old Wood. If only his strength were found more on the show, maybe in the future (of the show) I will be pleasantly surprised.

What I liked about it - I found out what really is going on in Damon's head. Very small role in the original books so it's logical to see why he loves Elena. He is a bastard in many parts of the book even without possession (spoiler) and I guess I'm twisted because I wouldn't mind seeing some more of that in the show too. I know he was mean for half the first season and it's nice he's all "one with his humanity" but when he spikes with's meaningful. There was an interview I listened to where Ian Somerhalder (*sigh*) mentioned a scene in one of the books where Damon goes in a store and just compels and charms these women, but I was confused because I hadn't read any part like that. Well, I think it came from Nightfall because there is lots of Damon POV going on and it's a good starting point for playing that character.

Time to send off. I've got reading to do and sleep. Can't forget that...