Sunday, December 12, 2010

the holidays are upon us...

Follow me, I've already got a few cups of coffee in me at the time being and I have a paper due tomorrow that I'm in the process of writing, so like any easily distracted individual I've dropped everything to post. I haven't posted in a month! Christmas will be here soon and my term is almost over at school so I'm looking forward to time off to really get down to it and read some books I haven't got to. I just did some cleaning up on my shelves and I hope there's a place that could use some books to take them. I hate just throwing books out, I want to donate them to a place that will put them to use.

I heard from my father yesterday when we went out to eat, we weren't having a proper Christmas at his family's house because my aunt told my Grandma there was no reason to have it! I was upset by this because since my grandma passed on my mother's side and she was the one who initiated celebrating, all we've done is eat sandwiches or pizza and that is dull! I don't want both sides to become un-Christmas like! I love getting to eat some polish food and talk with everyone, I hardly see them ever during the year and this is the one chance I do get to see them! I really hope these plans change because when my life doesn't seem so bad, everything around it starts falling apart.

I spent a week ago before finals sick, horribly sick. I had the flu, then a kidney stone, and a urinary tract infection. I never took that much medication or stayed in bed as long and I could not wait for it to pass me by. It set me back in classes but thankfully, I have some time this week to study and read before my last of my finals. It's total shit out lately so I'm basically trapped in the house for half of the week. I have Christmas shopping to tend to the next couple of days and studying really and then Christmas. It's looking okay from here on, but my luck doesn't always shine good on me.

I just finished watching series 3 of Skins on Netflix. I'm watching it as they add it to instant viewing so I'm a little behind. I have to say after seeing series 1 and 2, this one was not as good. Most of the reviews I've read have resonated the same thought and I can understand why. The whole show is suddenly centered around Tony's younger sibling, Effy (those real name is Elizabeth, so I can't see why she has that nickname...why not Liz or other countless versions?) Maybe it's an English thing I don't understand. Basically the love triangle bullsh** is what I'm pointing at here. Every episode lead back to the love triangle when it's suppose to centered the the episode's titled character. I will say I love Cook, he's a wild-ass kid but I think he's just another one of those misunderstood fellows who isn't a complete knob-head, but acts like it all the time. He reminds me of Chris from the first two series, but let's hope Cook doesn't meet an end like Chris. I loved his character too.

Really, I hope the Effy-centric stuff lays off a little but reviews for series 4 put her in the middle again. She's just not that interesting to me and all the boys want her and I don't see why. It's like why anyone would want Kirsten Stewart's interpretation of Bella Swan from "Twilight". She is dreadfully boring in the movies and neurotic. She always is neurotic in those film's stuttering and pulling her hair...but that's off topic. Cook is great, wish I had a friend like him and JJ too. They did take the gender bits far with lesbians this series, that was hardly touched on in the first two. It was nice to see an openness there. Really believe my friends would enjoy this show even though not of them have seen it. I recommend anyone reading this to see the show. You can watch the first three series in streaming on Netflix and they are worth the time. Lovely character studies for young adults. It pries the door back on what really happens in the teen years, the uncertainty and experimentation in a colorful and fun backdrop.

Recently I've seen clips for an American version on Skins to air on MTV in January. I'm not really pleased with this since I love the English version very much, but I might watch to see what they do. It'll probably be like series 3 and 4, really trite and stereotypical. They are also doing this with Being Human another favorite of mine on the SyFy channel. I'm peeved about both and I'm not looking forward to that. Why remake it? Why not air the freaking episodes of the show that's already been created? Complaining is completely useless at this point so I'm just shutting up and putting up with it. I tune in for an episode but probably tune out for the rest.

Everything I watch is on hiatus for the month...ah...I don't know what to do! Oh, yeah, read...DUH. Maybe I'll finally finish the Gossip Girl series I'm half way through or so. Maybe I'll make a gingerbread house with my mother this year, maybe I'll finally see my friends soon and stop moping about how I never see them....I'll just wait in see.

Happy Holidays everyone and enjoy the time you spend! ;)

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