Saturday, November 13, 2010

pine nuts, pet peeve, and tea

Chris Pine is part of my layout now because I'm currently "pining" over him. Did you know his fans are called Pine Nuts? It's goofy but cute...why do we come up with silly names for stuff we love? Anyway, I heard that on his Jimmy Kimmel interview recently (I think) that's what they call themselves. So, I guess I'm a moderate Pine Nut.

I was excited when I saw my first "real" comment in my last post! Thanks to Caitlin for a very kind comment on my blog! No one ever leaves me substantial comments (except from Vinnie in My So-Called Life post), and I don't really care if anyone does because I'm just ranting about stuff on here. But to take the time to say you like my blog or a topic I posted on is wonderful. I would have checked out your blog, if it weren't private (or that's what Blogger told me!). So, THANK YOU!

Today I felt like talking about a weird pet peeve of mine. I freak out from weird, stumpy fingers. I know, bizarre, but it's true. Usually on guys stumpy fingers gross me out. My father has hands like that which creep me out, some celebs I like such as Keanu Reeves hands scare me. I, myself, have long fingers so I don't have to look at them and be grossed out. I don't know why I have this pet peeve, but maybe my life just has to do with it. My brother has had messed up hands for years, he used to crack them all the time and the knuckles have enlarged to an unusual size. It's almost like caveman hands. He suffers from poor circulation too because his hands get so white during the winter season. Now, if I met someone with hands like these I wouldn't run away screaming, but I'd probably give their hands a stare down.

The other thing I wanted to discuss is tea. I am a huge fan of tea and I'm always up for trying new ones however I only really like a few so far. I like black and green tea, mint tea, lemon tea, and pomegranate tea. Always looking for new ones so if anybody has any suggestions on kinds I should try, let me know! I've heard of earl grey tea but I have no idea what that is, but I don't think I've had that.

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