Monday, September 27, 2010

It's late but I've got time...

It really is late and I should be sleeping because I have class in the morning and I could use some alertness. Damn me for drinking caffeinated beverage tonight! I'm talking about books again because I think the dominating part of my life revolves around them.

I've taken a chance and started reading the Gossip Girl book series. I have never had an interest in reading rich kids living in the Upper East Side or given sympathy to those that blow 3,000 dollars at Barney's in a day. But, there is something about these books I like and that what makes it a guilty pleasure for me. I had previously read a spin-off series Von Ziegesar has written based on the Jenny Humpfrey character from the GG series. That spin-off is titled The It Girl series and I still don't know why it is called that. I enjoyed that series the same way I'm enjoying the GG one. It all has to do with the relationships between friends and between significant others. Having money to spare is one thing but there is no self-gratification from it. Sure, if I had money I would splurge on those days of despair and PMS.

It really is all about knowing what's real and what people want, Von Ziegesar is good at this, but sometimes the plot starts to become obvious so I'm hoping for curveballs. Oh, and reading the series puts me off loser habits which consist of smoking some kind of drug and drinking alcohol. The kids in here drinking twenty times more than me (but then again I am diabetic so drinking isn't smiled upon by my endocrinologist) and showing up to events stoned. Is that really a proper message for young teens to learn? I know the books became controversial about these habits being displayed for an impressionable age group and I have to wonder myself. The book does not focus heavily on this so I think it's safe to look beyond that to the character dynamics because that's what's important in this series.

The real reason I am bothering at all was my friend, Sarah lent me all the books because she had them sitting, collecting dust, and I needed to get my feet wet in new fiction. It is good to read something out of my comfort zone occasionally and this series is really something I would never pick out on my own to read. Sarah has about 12 of the books in the series so I just borrowed and started in. I want to judge the books quite severely but right now I'm willing to overlook my pettiness.

Next - Both The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural have begun their seasons and am enjoying them so far. Supernatural's premiere last Friday had me raising eyebrows because I wasn't sure what to expect this season. Kripke isn't at the helm anymore and it makes me wonder if the show will go off the deep end. BUT, it didn't. I loved this new idea of the Winchester boys working separately and how there are other hunters in the family. Samuel's return from the dead is unexplainable to me and totally fishy. Something else has to be going on there. Felling sorry for Dean AGAIN. Will he become his kick-ass self again? I hope, man, do I hope. After the episode I was so FRICKIN EXCITED that new promos had been filmed and now I don't have to look at the same season two shots! Just look at this video here:

Did they finally put money into something new? YIPPEE! My dad made a comment how it looks like they pasted Jared's head on a smaller person, but I actually think he bulked down a little. But thank goodness, maybe somebody over there finally heard my complaining. Other fans might complain too, but I have yet to really notice any.

Now over on The Vampire Diaries, it's like a soap opera. And all I really have to comment on is Damon is getting shitted on so badly. Really. It's almost painful to watch. I keep drawing parallels to Buffy the Vampire Slayer because how could I not? Every time I'm watching TVD I see Elena as Buffy Summers, the middle woman without the slayage ability, and her two vampire lovers that know each other very well but hate each other. Stefan who remind me of Angel (and kind of looks like him!). I was watching Buffy season 3 episodes and I can't help but find it almost creepy how he comes off the same as Angel. And Damon reminds me of Spike, who was funny and sexy but with a geeky and heartbroken mushy inside. I have a feeling TVD will turn out very different from Buffy, but both shows rock!

Now it's really late and no sleep will render me useless so off to bed. Kind of dreading the dentist tomorrow. No matter how old I get, the frickin' dentist scares the crap out of me.