Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bass's Bio & The Vampire Diaries' books & obsession

It's been some time since I last blogged anything and I suppose I have a few things I can talk about.

First - I read Lance Bass's autobiography and it was terrible. I only read it because I am/was a fan of *NSYNC when I was little girl. It was too short and frankly, didn't talk much about Lance's life. It felt like a biographer wrote the book to me because it didn't feel very personalized. Bass just complains about things that went wrong for him. He complains about the lawsuits against his former manager, Lou Pearlman. He complains about how the Russians wasted his time and money by promising his dreams of going into space to become a reality when they backed out last minute. He complains about how Justin Timberlake ended *NSYNC for good by going solo and becoming a triple -threat in the entertainment business. That last part is completely true in my opinion and I never would have thought that bleached curly-haired dude would do it. Props for JT for proving everyone wrong (or me at least).

Second - I'm fully obsessed with the CW show, The Vampire Diaries. It's become so strong that I can't wait for the second season and the first on DVD at the end of August. I'm looking forward to this much more than Supernatural which is/was my favorite show. It's been waning on me the last two seasons with the ongoing (aka outstretched) angels story lines. I guess I'm interested in something fresh at this point. I don't watch much TV these days but I do cut time out of my days for these two network shows. The move to Friday was another problem I had with Supernatural, but I think they are trying to spread out the line-up so they can add new shows in. I just hope I don't get sucked into watching Nikita...

I've sucked myself far enough into Vampire Diaries that I read my way through the first four novels which come in a magical duel set so readers get four for the price of two. I'm a little wary about reading the returning novels considering I've seen some reviews that insist it's not as good as the originals. I have to say I was far more impressed with these books opposed to Twilight which is the dominating opponent to everything vampire related these days. Really, do people have to compare every literary piece that involves vampires to Twilight? Twilight is not like most vampire novels, it's YA romance and that's about it. I'm getting off the Twi-hard train before some Twi-nazi starts tromping me for talking bad about their favorite book series.

Some things I found different about the books that I enjoyed are as follows:

- The main character dies, comes back, and dies again. Then which a supporting character takes over. This happens with Elena and Bonnie takes narrating in the last book. I didn't really like Bonnie very much up until that point, she was weak to me. She has witch powers and such but she never really takes advantage of them the way I wish she would. Her being a big part of the last book made me finally enjoy and appreciate her character the way I wish I could have for the other three books.

- Damon. I love Damon's character on the show but it's a very different representation of him from the books. As a reader, we don't know much of anything about Damon except in flashbacks from Stefan's POV and some small moments with Elena. He isn't domineering part of the story and he's like background noise; you know it's there and it's slightly annoying. There is no wounded side of him in the book and he eventually walks away from them all at the end saying he's not like the rest of them. I want to feel absolutely pissed about this but I love that. It's very different from the show, very different.

- Stefan. I think one can tell I have a "crush" on Damon, but I have respect for Stefan in the books. He was sappy at the beginning and that just makes me wanna say "Cheer up, guy" but when you're a vampire you can't really tell them to be happy. They are eternally damned so... Later in the books, Stefan takes a stronger stance and is actually linked to all the friends in Elena circle. The whole story opens up and isn't just one-sided with just Elena and him.

- Meredith & Matt. These are wonderful supporting characters. Meredith isn't in the show and I wish like hell she was. She's the strongest of all the girls in the books. She comes off as quiet and shy but turns out to be a very resourceful and sharp-minded. She reminds me of myself and I can relate to her character the best. Matt is my favorite character in the books and I've established that half-way through the first book. He's the guy I wish existed in my life, he's there when you need him and he's stronger and smarter than you might get from a quick glance at him. He's suppose to be the jock of the story but hardly fits the stereotype (Tyler Lockwood is a better fit especially personality wise) and surprised me several times throughout my reading. I enjoy the on-screen Matt on the TV show too and I hope he gets a little more involved like he is in the books. I'm really looking forward to that.

This is a little off-topic but I noticed that DAMON spelled backward is NOMAD and he comes off like that in the book. He's constantly coming and going and no one knows what he is up to. I like the supernatural bit where he can turn into a crow and I wish they kept that in the show. I understand that it is corny and on-screen it did look that way. It bugged me that they never explained what all the crow and fog stuff was about. If you didn't read the books you'd find it strange how it goes from Dracula-spooky to none of it next episode. It's a cool character trait and if they could bring it back that would be neat. Also, Damon controlling the weather was cool and wouldn't mind that either.

I guess I should read the newer books for the heck of it. I'll probably enjoy those too.

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