Wednesday, June 2, 2010

As far as I've been aware lately...I've had more power than I thought I had with what I choose to say or not say. I've always been the quiet, shy girl that never speaks her mind and I still am now. But from a recent row with a brother to being unexpectedly pissed off by a friend's comment, I'm getting tired of keeping my mouth shut. I'm a pacifist, by all means, and I don't encourage fighting. I grew up with fighting all around me and I grew tired of it years ago. I'm not really talking about fighting here, it more or less is just letting people know how you truly feel about an issue.

I've decided that if I don't like someone's opinion I will let them know otherwise how I feel. It's no more keeping my trap shut even though I'd like to. It's said it does one good to do something that scares them everyday so I think this will be my "thing". I know I've been very on/off about blogging but I'm hoping to post some insightful, simple life things. I'll always talk about pop fact, I need to get into some new fads. Many of my old/recent ones are dying.

And can anyone tell me what a buffalo stance is?

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