Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's been a long spring...

It's been a while since I last left a post, but that's okay because no one reads my blog except me. It is a little disappointing that comments remain at zero and so does my self-esteem.

What brings the changes? Coffee. That simple. I should not drink caffeine when I rarely do because I can't sleep all day from one 8 oz. cup of it. I decided to remodel my blog again to look crisper, more summer sheen than winter blues. The weather hasn't been too nice yet, but the humidity sneaks in the air when it can. I hate that sticky feeling, it's suffocating and hot.

My summer break is here and I have nothing to do. It prompts me to go out and get a job like everyone else. But it doesn't help that I have my anxieties to work about and my diabetes. My diabetes has been in better check lately. It hasn't been high and I figure it has to do with cutting out white starches from my diet. My nutritionist says it's the worst for blood sugars and I've noticed, but trying to stay away from them is hard. I like a piece of toast for breakfast or sandwich, and my family loves their white starches. Especially my father who has Type 2 and still eats as many carbs as he wants. And he wonders why he is fat! He needs to stop eating junk food and pop. Eliminating those two things from your diet can be a vast improvement to your health.

I don't eat pizza anymore unless it's offered at someone's home and then I'll politely eat a piece. I try to eat salad more, in fact, I ate one everyday for a while. I got sick a while back and threw up one of them so I haven't been eating them as much. I'm slowly trying to work it back into a daily meal.

I haven't seen D too much lately but she's been working on some nice improvements to her life. I'm proud that she's making big steps even if she's afraid to make them. I'm afraid of everything, dear, try leaving the house without having something to fear. Her car is very nice and if I had one like that I would get my license too, but then there's plenty of other problems within that. I'm a fan of Queer as Folk because of her now. Which reminds me of how much I miss Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I think they show reruns on TLN...but I haven't watched the channel recently.

Another thing about being rudely kept up by caffeine is enduring my drunk brother pawing on me for hugs and telling me how much he loves me. This happens pretty often and I'm a little blessed that it does, it makes me feel needed somewhere for a little bit. I have to take him up to his room, make sure he doesn't hurl in the process, and make sure he's awake for work in the morning.

I think I can do homemaker. I can cook, but I wouldn't put anyone up for eating whatever I make. I love chicken and potatoes. Well, meat and potatoes really. I'll take a home-cooked meal over fast food any day. Is it corny to want to have theme parties too? I wish my friends and I could do those. Make food and dress up and have fun. Gosh, I sound like I should be on "The Golden Girls".

- Kate

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