Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Geocities Dumping Free Websites Has to Me!

Ever since I heard about Geocities getting rid of all their free websites they host, it's been persisitly bugging me. Why you may ask? Despite the fact that half if not most of the sites hosted are well over ten years old and haven't been updated in years, they were still amazing sites to visit.

One of my favorite fandoms is the 3 Ninja series and the only real websites you could find on these movies were free Geocities ones that fans had made themselves. When I visited these sites they provided information about alternate versions I didn't know about, plenty of fanfiction (and your pretty lucky if you find any good fanfiction for the movies now...) and lots of pictures.

I realize all the web designing was simplified and there was a lot of bad quality with the pictures or text. But what they offered more than anything made that up. Now websites like 3 Ninjas Galaxy, 3 Ninjas Online, and 3 Ninjas Rock On! are all gone. Most of their owners probably completely forgot about these pages but because of them I was able to discover more about one of my favorite movie series from when I was a kid.

Some of the websites still exist but kind of just lurk about since they don't get updated or haven't been for quite some time. I'm glad some can still be viewed and that some new websites have popped up in the last few years for 3 Ninjas' fans. I wanted to make a pretty complete and official website to the series but that's a big goal and one right now I can't fill. I wish there was an actual domain for this series since I know there are still fans out there. And I wish I could find older fans, most seem to be 14 year old girls and I'm a little older than that!

Here are some 3 Ninjas that still exist today:

The Extreme 3 Ninjas Website
3 Ninjas Peprally!
3 Ninjas Fanfic Central
3 Ninjas #1

There are several more that you can find but here are some on a quick browse. If you were ever involved with any 3 Ninjas sites of the past please leave me a comment because I'd love to hear about it!

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