Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mandatory Excessive-ness

This is the only fanfiction I have found for "Still Life", an unaired FOX show that I've seen the pilot for and adore quite a bit. I wish more could be said for the show but it can't. Jensen Ackles (from The CW's "Supernatural" and Lionsgate's "My Bloody Valentine 3-D") starred in the lead role.

Here a link to the quick one-shot written by some awesome soul on Fanfiction.net -
Read It Here

Accounting for the rest of my life...many other things have been going somewhat wrong. The family computer went kaput either from a problem with the motherboard or a the power source dying. I was in the middle of writing a story, not to mention most of the programs I use on that computer. I can't use Photoshop or any video editing programs I waste my time with and damn it, I can't get to my story. That's not the first problem...several relatives and friends had some nasty computer problems too. I think there is something going around...

I think I'm going to get off Facebook now. I don't really bother with it and I had to do it for one of my courses. I hate networking sites...I posted a little bit but I find it dull. Really, my life is too boring. I'm lucky is something exciting happens in a month. I guess Twitter would be better suited for me because then I'm on a strict word count and each post would be probably confusing. I'd type up some random fact or quote much like my time on Facebook and leave it for no one to reply/give me a comment.

Whatever...I'm life was never interesting to begin with and all those sites do is make people more selfish. More time to blab about themselves and how nifty there life is. Or usually about how much it sucks. Really, people, most of us have nothing to complain about. Give it a rest. Everything is so self-gratifying we will all have complexes soon and then I'm probably put the shotgun to my head. Then again, I suppose I'm just being a tad bit too emo for my liking.

I hope I've bored you all and not complained too much.


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