Monday, January 11, 2010

There it Is

I'll probably do this from time to time...

Some stuff I'm interested in right now:

BBC's Being Human
Neil Jackson
The Crow (revisiting really...)
Carrie 2 & TV Movie soundtracks
80s horror movies (again)
Subject Two (Freaky obsessed as much as to tape it off the telly)
Gossip (2000) - Where can I find this?
The Legend of Billie Jean Soundtrack - I need to find this!

The Crow's Reboot

If there is one thing I possibly hate the most in this day and age is remakes, "re-imagings" and whatever else executives have used to call the movies they release these days. Most of the ones enduring this process are cult classics that have smart and usually wide fan bases. Unfortunately, I'm one of those fans. My opinion and of many other commenters online say that the only movies that need remakes are the terrible ones which I agree with. These movies usually don't have huge fan bases hence the fact that they do not get remade. I rather see "Hard Rock Zombies" or "Night of the Demons" getting a new twist. Thankfully, the later flick is and I'm hoping it will be just as horrible to watch the first time around.

My main complaint lies with 1994's "The Crow" which has become a cult movie with a huge fanbase and spawned several sequels which got suckier as they continued on...OK, I like Salvation but Edward Furlong as the Crow in Wicked Prayer was laughable. And David Boreanaz and Tara Reid was a weird coupling. I don't think Reid carries as much acting talent as she does partying talent.

The reboot had been in talks for a year or possibly longer, I was just bothered that they really were trying to remake this movie. The tangible link of death to the movie could let it be left alone although movie companies just want those extra dollars in their pockets. The movie has not been officially taken on but is currently still being constructed as I found out from a few internet sources. It's suppose to be a "relaunch" for this new generation, to modernize the character. It will not be Eric Draven the original character but a new one. It's also suppose to be like a "dark superhero movie" completely taking on the new Batman franchise. I hope Christian Bale has nothing to do with it, I'm sick of seeing that guy in every blockbuster.

The only positive aspect is the guy who directed Blade is doing this film. I love the first Blade movie, the best damn comic book movie I've seen and it has to do with vampires which I've loved since I was a little girl. So this reboot may be edgier but still gothic as the original. I have no idea who should be the Crow and I don't even want to don the possiblities. Brandon Lee was the Crow and no one could act out that character like him. I don't expect anyone too either.

It's sad to think they need to continue on with movies I love to watch, but I do watch the new ones anyway. I think the chance I may like a reboot is what drives the impulse. I'll wait and see what's in store. Nothing's been laid in concrete yet and maybe it won't be. Until then, I'll read the comic and pop in the DVD and enjoy "The Crow" the way it is.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mandatory Excessive-ness

This is the only fanfiction I have found for "Still Life", an unaired FOX show that I've seen the pilot for and adore quite a bit. I wish more could be said for the show but it can't. Jensen Ackles (from The CW's "Supernatural" and Lionsgate's "My Bloody Valentine 3-D") starred in the lead role.

Here a link to the quick one-shot written by some awesome soul on -
Read It Here

Accounting for the rest of my life...many other things have been going somewhat wrong. The family computer went kaput either from a problem with the motherboard or a the power source dying. I was in the middle of writing a story, not to mention most of the programs I use on that computer. I can't use Photoshop or any video editing programs I waste my time with and damn it, I can't get to my story. That's not the first problem...several relatives and friends had some nasty computer problems too. I think there is something going around...

I think I'm going to get off Facebook now. I don't really bother with it and I had to do it for one of my courses. I hate networking sites...I posted a little bit but I find it dull. Really, my life is too boring. I'm lucky is something exciting happens in a month. I guess Twitter would be better suited for me because then I'm on a strict word count and each post would be probably confusing. I'd type up some random fact or quote much like my time on Facebook and leave it for no one to reply/give me a comment.

Whatever...I'm life was never interesting to begin with and all those sites do is make people more selfish. More time to blab about themselves and how nifty there life is. Or usually about how much it sucks. Really, people, most of us have nothing to complain about. Give it a rest. Everything is so self-gratifying we will all have complexes soon and then I'm probably put the shotgun to my head. Then again, I suppose I'm just being a tad bit too emo for my liking.

I hope I've bored you all and not complained too much.