Sunday, December 12, 2010

the holidays are upon us...

Follow me, I've already got a few cups of coffee in me at the time being and I have a paper due tomorrow that I'm in the process of writing, so like any easily distracted individual I've dropped everything to post. I haven't posted in a month! Christmas will be here soon and my term is almost over at school so I'm looking forward to time off to really get down to it and read some books I haven't got to. I just did some cleaning up on my shelves and I hope there's a place that could use some books to take them. I hate just throwing books out, I want to donate them to a place that will put them to use.

I heard from my father yesterday when we went out to eat, we weren't having a proper Christmas at his family's house because my aunt told my Grandma there was no reason to have it! I was upset by this because since my grandma passed on my mother's side and she was the one who initiated celebrating, all we've done is eat sandwiches or pizza and that is dull! I don't want both sides to become un-Christmas like! I love getting to eat some polish food and talk with everyone, I hardly see them ever during the year and this is the one chance I do get to see them! I really hope these plans change because when my life doesn't seem so bad, everything around it starts falling apart.

I spent a week ago before finals sick, horribly sick. I had the flu, then a kidney stone, and a urinary tract infection. I never took that much medication or stayed in bed as long and I could not wait for it to pass me by. It set me back in classes but thankfully, I have some time this week to study and read before my last of my finals. It's total shit out lately so I'm basically trapped in the house for half of the week. I have Christmas shopping to tend to the next couple of days and studying really and then Christmas. It's looking okay from here on, but my luck doesn't always shine good on me.

I just finished watching series 3 of Skins on Netflix. I'm watching it as they add it to instant viewing so I'm a little behind. I have to say after seeing series 1 and 2, this one was not as good. Most of the reviews I've read have resonated the same thought and I can understand why. The whole show is suddenly centered around Tony's younger sibling, Effy (those real name is Elizabeth, so I can't see why she has that nickname...why not Liz or other countless versions?) Maybe it's an English thing I don't understand. Basically the love triangle bullsh** is what I'm pointing at here. Every episode lead back to the love triangle when it's suppose to centered the the episode's titled character. I will say I love Cook, he's a wild-ass kid but I think he's just another one of those misunderstood fellows who isn't a complete knob-head, but acts like it all the time. He reminds me of Chris from the first two series, but let's hope Cook doesn't meet an end like Chris. I loved his character too.

Really, I hope the Effy-centric stuff lays off a little but reviews for series 4 put her in the middle again. She's just not that interesting to me and all the boys want her and I don't see why. It's like why anyone would want Kirsten Stewart's interpretation of Bella Swan from "Twilight". She is dreadfully boring in the movies and neurotic. She always is neurotic in those film's stuttering and pulling her hair...but that's off topic. Cook is great, wish I had a friend like him and JJ too. They did take the gender bits far with lesbians this series, that was hardly touched on in the first two. It was nice to see an openness there. Really believe my friends would enjoy this show even though not of them have seen it. I recommend anyone reading this to see the show. You can watch the first three series in streaming on Netflix and they are worth the time. Lovely character studies for young adults. It pries the door back on what really happens in the teen years, the uncertainty and experimentation in a colorful and fun backdrop.

Recently I've seen clips for an American version on Skins to air on MTV in January. I'm not really pleased with this since I love the English version very much, but I might watch to see what they do. It'll probably be like series 3 and 4, really trite and stereotypical. They are also doing this with Being Human another favorite of mine on the SyFy channel. I'm peeved about both and I'm not looking forward to that. Why remake it? Why not air the freaking episodes of the show that's already been created? Complaining is completely useless at this point so I'm just shutting up and putting up with it. I tune in for an episode but probably tune out for the rest.

Everything I watch is on hiatus for the month...ah...I don't know what to do! Oh, yeah, read...DUH. Maybe I'll finally finish the Gossip Girl series I'm half way through or so. Maybe I'll make a gingerbread house with my mother this year, maybe I'll finally see my friends soon and stop moping about how I never see them....I'll just wait in see.

Happy Holidays everyone and enjoy the time you spend! ;)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

pine nuts, pet peeve, and tea

Chris Pine is part of my layout now because I'm currently "pining" over him. Did you know his fans are called Pine Nuts? It's goofy but cute...why do we come up with silly names for stuff we love? Anyway, I heard that on his Jimmy Kimmel interview recently (I think) that's what they call themselves. So, I guess I'm a moderate Pine Nut.

I was excited when I saw my first "real" comment in my last post! Thanks to Caitlin for a very kind comment on my blog! No one ever leaves me substantial comments (except from Vinnie in My So-Called Life post), and I don't really care if anyone does because I'm just ranting about stuff on here. But to take the time to say you like my blog or a topic I posted on is wonderful. I would have checked out your blog, if it weren't private (or that's what Blogger told me!). So, THANK YOU!

Today I felt like talking about a weird pet peeve of mine. I freak out from weird, stumpy fingers. I know, bizarre, but it's true. Usually on guys stumpy fingers gross me out. My father has hands like that which creep me out, some celebs I like such as Keanu Reeves hands scare me. I, myself, have long fingers so I don't have to look at them and be grossed out. I don't know why I have this pet peeve, but maybe my life just has to do with it. My brother has had messed up hands for years, he used to crack them all the time and the knuckles have enlarged to an unusual size. It's almost like caveman hands. He suffers from poor circulation too because his hands get so white during the winter season. Now, if I met someone with hands like these I wouldn't run away screaming, but I'd probably give their hands a stare down.

The other thing I wanted to discuss is tea. I am a huge fan of tea and I'm always up for trying new ones however I only really like a few so far. I like black and green tea, mint tea, lemon tea, and pomegranate tea. Always looking for new ones so if anybody has any suggestions on kinds I should try, let me know! I've heard of earl grey tea but I have no idea what that is, but I don't think I've had that.

Monday, September 27, 2010

It's late but I've got time...

It really is late and I should be sleeping because I have class in the morning and I could use some alertness. Damn me for drinking caffeinated beverage tonight! I'm talking about books again because I think the dominating part of my life revolves around them.

I've taken a chance and started reading the Gossip Girl book series. I have never had an interest in reading rich kids living in the Upper East Side or given sympathy to those that blow 3,000 dollars at Barney's in a day. But, there is something about these books I like and that what makes it a guilty pleasure for me. I had previously read a spin-off series Von Ziegesar has written based on the Jenny Humpfrey character from the GG series. That spin-off is titled The It Girl series and I still don't know why it is called that. I enjoyed that series the same way I'm enjoying the GG one. It all has to do with the relationships between friends and between significant others. Having money to spare is one thing but there is no self-gratification from it. Sure, if I had money I would splurge on those days of despair and PMS.

It really is all about knowing what's real and what people want, Von Ziegesar is good at this, but sometimes the plot starts to become obvious so I'm hoping for curveballs. Oh, and reading the series puts me off loser habits which consist of smoking some kind of drug and drinking alcohol. The kids in here drinking twenty times more than me (but then again I am diabetic so drinking isn't smiled upon by my endocrinologist) and showing up to events stoned. Is that really a proper message for young teens to learn? I know the books became controversial about these habits being displayed for an impressionable age group and I have to wonder myself. The book does not focus heavily on this so I think it's safe to look beyond that to the character dynamics because that's what's important in this series.

The real reason I am bothering at all was my friend, Sarah lent me all the books because she had them sitting, collecting dust, and I needed to get my feet wet in new fiction. It is good to read something out of my comfort zone occasionally and this series is really something I would never pick out on my own to read. Sarah has about 12 of the books in the series so I just borrowed and started in. I want to judge the books quite severely but right now I'm willing to overlook my pettiness.

Next - Both The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural have begun their seasons and am enjoying them so far. Supernatural's premiere last Friday had me raising eyebrows because I wasn't sure what to expect this season. Kripke isn't at the helm anymore and it makes me wonder if the show will go off the deep end. BUT, it didn't. I loved this new idea of the Winchester boys working separately and how there are other hunters in the family. Samuel's return from the dead is unexplainable to me and totally fishy. Something else has to be going on there. Felling sorry for Dean AGAIN. Will he become his kick-ass self again? I hope, man, do I hope. After the episode I was so FRICKIN EXCITED that new promos had been filmed and now I don't have to look at the same season two shots! Just look at this video here:

Did they finally put money into something new? YIPPEE! My dad made a comment how it looks like they pasted Jared's head on a smaller person, but I actually think he bulked down a little. But thank goodness, maybe somebody over there finally heard my complaining. Other fans might complain too, but I have yet to really notice any.

Now over on The Vampire Diaries, it's like a soap opera. And all I really have to comment on is Damon is getting shitted on so badly. Really. It's almost painful to watch. I keep drawing parallels to Buffy the Vampire Slayer because how could I not? Every time I'm watching TVD I see Elena as Buffy Summers, the middle woman without the slayage ability, and her two vampire lovers that know each other very well but hate each other. Stefan who remind me of Angel (and kind of looks like him!). I was watching Buffy season 3 episodes and I can't help but find it almost creepy how he comes off the same as Angel. And Damon reminds me of Spike, who was funny and sexy but with a geeky and heartbroken mushy inside. I have a feeling TVD will turn out very different from Buffy, but both shows rock!

Now it's really late and no sleep will render me useless so off to bed. Kind of dreading the dentist tomorrow. No matter how old I get, the frickin' dentist scares the crap out of me.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bass's Bio & The Vampire Diaries' books & obsession

It's been some time since I last blogged anything and I suppose I have a few things I can talk about.

First - I read Lance Bass's autobiography and it was terrible. I only read it because I am/was a fan of *NSYNC when I was little girl. It was too short and frankly, didn't talk much about Lance's life. It felt like a biographer wrote the book to me because it didn't feel very personalized. Bass just complains about things that went wrong for him. He complains about the lawsuits against his former manager, Lou Pearlman. He complains about how the Russians wasted his time and money by promising his dreams of going into space to become a reality when they backed out last minute. He complains about how Justin Timberlake ended *NSYNC for good by going solo and becoming a triple -threat in the entertainment business. That last part is completely true in my opinion and I never would have thought that bleached curly-haired dude would do it. Props for JT for proving everyone wrong (or me at least).

Second - I'm fully obsessed with the CW show, The Vampire Diaries. It's become so strong that I can't wait for the second season and the first on DVD at the end of August. I'm looking forward to this much more than Supernatural which is/was my favorite show. It's been waning on me the last two seasons with the ongoing (aka outstretched) angels story lines. I guess I'm interested in something fresh at this point. I don't watch much TV these days but I do cut time out of my days for these two network shows. The move to Friday was another problem I had with Supernatural, but I think they are trying to spread out the line-up so they can add new shows in. I just hope I don't get sucked into watching Nikita...

I've sucked myself far enough into Vampire Diaries that I read my way through the first four novels which come in a magical duel set so readers get four for the price of two. I'm a little wary about reading the returning novels considering I've seen some reviews that insist it's not as good as the originals. I have to say I was far more impressed with these books opposed to Twilight which is the dominating opponent to everything vampire related these days. Really, do people have to compare every literary piece that involves vampires to Twilight? Twilight is not like most vampire novels, it's YA romance and that's about it. I'm getting off the Twi-hard train before some Twi-nazi starts tromping me for talking bad about their favorite book series.

Some things I found different about the books that I enjoyed are as follows:

- The main character dies, comes back, and dies again. Then which a supporting character takes over. This happens with Elena and Bonnie takes narrating in the last book. I didn't really like Bonnie very much up until that point, she was weak to me. She has witch powers and such but she never really takes advantage of them the way I wish she would. Her being a big part of the last book made me finally enjoy and appreciate her character the way I wish I could have for the other three books.

- Damon. I love Damon's character on the show but it's a very different representation of him from the books. As a reader, we don't know much of anything about Damon except in flashbacks from Stefan's POV and some small moments with Elena. He isn't domineering part of the story and he's like background noise; you know it's there and it's slightly annoying. There is no wounded side of him in the book and he eventually walks away from them all at the end saying he's not like the rest of them. I want to feel absolutely pissed about this but I love that. It's very different from the show, very different.

- Stefan. I think one can tell I have a "crush" on Damon, but I have respect for Stefan in the books. He was sappy at the beginning and that just makes me wanna say "Cheer up, guy" but when you're a vampire you can't really tell them to be happy. They are eternally damned so... Later in the books, Stefan takes a stronger stance and is actually linked to all the friends in Elena circle. The whole story opens up and isn't just one-sided with just Elena and him.

- Meredith & Matt. These are wonderful supporting characters. Meredith isn't in the show and I wish like hell she was. She's the strongest of all the girls in the books. She comes off as quiet and shy but turns out to be a very resourceful and sharp-minded. She reminds me of myself and I can relate to her character the best. Matt is my favorite character in the books and I've established that half-way through the first book. He's the guy I wish existed in my life, he's there when you need him and he's stronger and smarter than you might get from a quick glance at him. He's suppose to be the jock of the story but hardly fits the stereotype (Tyler Lockwood is a better fit especially personality wise) and surprised me several times throughout my reading. I enjoy the on-screen Matt on the TV show too and I hope he gets a little more involved like he is in the books. I'm really looking forward to that.

This is a little off-topic but I noticed that DAMON spelled backward is NOMAD and he comes off like that in the book. He's constantly coming and going and no one knows what he is up to. I like the supernatural bit where he can turn into a crow and I wish they kept that in the show. I understand that it is corny and on-screen it did look that way. It bugged me that they never explained what all the crow and fog stuff was about. If you didn't read the books you'd find it strange how it goes from Dracula-spooky to none of it next episode. It's a cool character trait and if they could bring it back that would be neat. Also, Damon controlling the weather was cool and wouldn't mind that either.

I guess I should read the newer books for the heck of it. I'll probably enjoy those too.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nothing Hairy about "Wolf Lake"

I did not hear of 'Wolf Lake" through a friend or a website but directly from my television. I watched parts of it when SciFi would play a marathon block during their morning program between 2007-2008. This was before the stupid name change and I'm not aware if they play the episodes in morning blocks still. I have not seen of it this year but I could just be missing it. I never caught full episodes and was never sure what was going on because I never saw the first episode.

For some reason, I became interested in watching the 9 episodes that aired originally in 2001 on CBS and re-aired on networks such as UPN, SciFi, and Chiller. There was also an unaired pilot I read about but have not watched considering people have said it's completely different from the other 9 episodes. I found the episodes in a torrent and downloaded them to pique my interest and from what I can tell I really enjoyed "Wolf Lake".

The basic plot of the show was centered around a Seattle police officer named John Kanin (played by Lou Diamond Phillips) in search for his missing girlfriend, Ruby Cates(played by Mia Kirshner) which leads him to a small Washington town called "Wolf Lake". When Kanin arrives he's quick to notice something is not right about the town and is determined to uncover its secret. The secret is simple, Wolf Lake is home to none other than wolves.

It surprised me that this show didn't last, but I think supernatural ones don't do well unless involved with recent trends. Hence, the million vampire and werewolf related shows popping up on networks because of the Twilight phenomena. I find the story lines to be simple enough to follow while complicated enough to keep you interested.

By far the best character on "Wolf Lake" had to be Sherman Blackstone (played wonderfully by Graham Greene) who is the voice of reason among the residents of the town. I'm not completely clear if he's human or not because I swear he said he was 7, 000 years old in an episode. His character has the funny one liners and is hard to not like. He hung around the background of the story lines almost like a piece of wallpaper but if the show had continued probably would have ended up a big piece of the plot involving Kanin's investigation of Wolf Lake and Ruby.

Another aspect I enjoyed was the young adult plot line following the Sheriff's daughter, Sophia (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Luke Cates (played by Paul Wesley). Sophia was dealing with her transition from human to wolf or called "flipping" on the show. Luke is one of the kids in town that is a wolf and his father is the alpha male of the wolf pack. Sophia is afraid to embrace the wolf side of her along with her father Matt Donner (played by Tim Matheson) who was a wolf himself. Even in her hesitation, she turns to Luke for help and understanding on what it's like to embrace the wolf.

There are other story lines that are introduced but unfortunately do not get a resolve. I won't discuss the rest because I rather you (readers) check it out for yourself because it's worth a look. The cast is fairly well known and wonderfully played. The story is strong and it really made me interested in what could of happened. The 9 episodes ended in a pivotal point where many of the story lines were being branched out and possibly resolved. That's what fanfiction is for though, folks!

For those of you who haven't seen it, I recommend searching Google for a torrent because it should be simple enough to find. I was flummoxed that none of the episodes in the torrent were high quality, in fact they all looked VHS ripped for the most part. Since they aired in recent years there should be higher quality available somewhere. I wouldn't know a really good place to look but some of you might know better than myself.

I might (for the heck of it) do an episode break down if I feel like applying myself to it. It would be with pictures and all but I could leave LiveJournal for that.

Please let me know what you think about "Wolf Lake" and send comments my way!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rain still lives! & Supernatural on a new night?

I found out that these online television shows are actually called virtual series. RAIN, the one virtual series I spoke of before on my blog, is actually still around. I found it while browsing on the Buffy forums. I'm not an actual member, and I don't see why I'm not, but I enjoy reading virtual series on there. Many interesting Buffy spin-offs and loads of talented writers on it. I'm happy Beth is still making episodes, now I can read some new ones! YAHHHHHHHHHHH!

Episode 7 | Episode 8 | Episode 9


The other bit of information I have is Supernatural is moved to Friday nights at 8 p.m. now! I cannot believe this but I saw a promotional on CW for it when I was re-watching The Vampire Diaries and Moonlight is on after it. Then Friday, I was flipping channels and there it was on after Smallville. I'm a little annoyed and I'm not sure if it's just a summer deal, but I suppose I'm in need of a change. I just have to watch both Thursday and Friday nights!

(Yeah, I checked it and it's officially on Friday for fall's schedule...sigh...I will survive...)

Oh, and can I complain about the networking doing some new promotional material for the show? I'm sick of looking at material from Season 2, do they think they can shell some money for the current season? I know it's a veteran show but Smallville and even One Tree Hill gets new material.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

As far as I've been aware lately...I've had more power than I thought I had with what I choose to say or not say. I've always been the quiet, shy girl that never speaks her mind and I still am now. But from a recent row with a brother to being unexpectedly pissed off by a friend's comment, I'm getting tired of keeping my mouth shut. I'm a pacifist, by all means, and I don't encourage fighting. I grew up with fighting all around me and I grew tired of it years ago. I'm not really talking about fighting here, it more or less is just letting people know how you truly feel about an issue.

I've decided that if I don't like someone's opinion I will let them know otherwise how I feel. It's no more keeping my trap shut even though I'd like to. It's said it does one good to do something that scares them everyday so I think this will be my "thing". I know I've been very on/off about blogging but I'm hoping to post some insightful, simple life things. I'll always talk about pop fact, I need to get into some new fads. Many of my old/recent ones are dying.

And can anyone tell me what a buffalo stance is?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Just Read

I was browsing Youtube and came across this really funny comment with an even more funny response.

Commentor: "If I had a spidey costume, I don't think I'd ever take it off."

Responder: "Then you wouldn't need spider powers...the smell alone would keep villians away."

Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's been a long spring...

It's been a while since I last left a post, but that's okay because no one reads my blog except me. It is a little disappointing that comments remain at zero and so does my self-esteem.

What brings the changes? Coffee. That simple. I should not drink caffeine when I rarely do because I can't sleep all day from one 8 oz. cup of it. I decided to remodel my blog again to look crisper, more summer sheen than winter blues. The weather hasn't been too nice yet, but the humidity sneaks in the air when it can. I hate that sticky feeling, it's suffocating and hot.

My summer break is here and I have nothing to do. It prompts me to go out and get a job like everyone else. But it doesn't help that I have my anxieties to work about and my diabetes. My diabetes has been in better check lately. It hasn't been high and I figure it has to do with cutting out white starches from my diet. My nutritionist says it's the worst for blood sugars and I've noticed, but trying to stay away from them is hard. I like a piece of toast for breakfast or sandwich, and my family loves their white starches. Especially my father who has Type 2 and still eats as many carbs as he wants. And he wonders why he is fat! He needs to stop eating junk food and pop. Eliminating those two things from your diet can be a vast improvement to your health.

I don't eat pizza anymore unless it's offered at someone's home and then I'll politely eat a piece. I try to eat salad more, in fact, I ate one everyday for a while. I got sick a while back and threw up one of them so I haven't been eating them as much. I'm slowly trying to work it back into a daily meal.

I haven't seen D too much lately but she's been working on some nice improvements to her life. I'm proud that she's making big steps even if she's afraid to make them. I'm afraid of everything, dear, try leaving the house without having something to fear. Her car is very nice and if I had one like that I would get my license too, but then there's plenty of other problems within that. I'm a fan of Queer as Folk because of her now. Which reminds me of how much I miss Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I think they show reruns on TLN...but I haven't watched the channel recently.

Another thing about being rudely kept up by caffeine is enduring my drunk brother pawing on me for hugs and telling me how much he loves me. This happens pretty often and I'm a little blessed that it does, it makes me feel needed somewhere for a little bit. I have to take him up to his room, make sure he doesn't hurl in the process, and make sure he's awake for work in the morning.

I think I can do homemaker. I can cook, but I wouldn't put anyone up for eating whatever I make. I love chicken and potatoes. Well, meat and potatoes really. I'll take a home-cooked meal over fast food any day. Is it corny to want to have theme parties too? I wish my friends and I could do those. Make food and dress up and have fun. Gosh, I sound like I should be on "The Golden Girls".

- Kate

Monday, March 29, 2010

Live Long and Prosper

It's been a while since I posted on my blog and it's a shame I haven't had anything to post about. I've celebrated a birthday since my last entry and that's about it. I'm waiting for spring weather to arrive since it is official spring despite the frequent cold. School takes up my time and I hate having to be there. I dislike how everyone I know thinks I love school when I absolute hate every minute I waste there. I am not a studious person and writing essays are the last thing I would want to spend extra time doing.

Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries is off hiatus and I'm hooting and hollering about that. I just wish something would happen on Supernatural, I feel like this whole season's plot of Michael and Lucifer keeps getting sidelined. It's more than half way into the season and I wish something would be happening. Last week involved a nice involvement of Bobby which sadly has only made brief appearances all season. All I want is a some more episodes about the horsemen and what the hell is up with Lucifer? Where is the guy?

I'm getting very fed up I'm starting to find the Vampire Diaries more fulfilling of my time and it's a shame to say so. I mean the show is a soap opera. Lies, deceit, and secrets. But I'm constantly wondering what the hell is going in. It could be the show is brand new, fresh in story and characters. Maybe after several years I'll get fed up and move on. I love Ian Somerhalder as the love-torn Damon. He is a true character of interest because he is cruel and deceiving as he can be nice and throwing jokes around. I never know what he will do next and usually it involves killing someone.

I'll continue watching and possibly being surprised or bored. WHATEVER. I'm going back to watching "Star Trek". Spock out.

Friday, February 19, 2010

I've got my mind set on you!

Netflix is down for maintenance so I'm posting a new entry.

I watched a John Lennon documentary in one of my classes today and I've had this song stuck in my head all day...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Geocities Dumping Free Websites Has to Me!

Ever since I heard about Geocities getting rid of all their free websites they host, it's been persisitly bugging me. Why you may ask? Despite the fact that half if not most of the sites hosted are well over ten years old and haven't been updated in years, they were still amazing sites to visit.

One of my favorite fandoms is the 3 Ninja series and the only real websites you could find on these movies were free Geocities ones that fans had made themselves. When I visited these sites they provided information about alternate versions I didn't know about, plenty of fanfiction (and your pretty lucky if you find any good fanfiction for the movies now...) and lots of pictures.

I realize all the web designing was simplified and there was a lot of bad quality with the pictures or text. But what they offered more than anything made that up. Now websites like 3 Ninjas Galaxy, 3 Ninjas Online, and 3 Ninjas Rock On! are all gone. Most of their owners probably completely forgot about these pages but because of them I was able to discover more about one of my favorite movie series from when I was a kid.

Some of the websites still exist but kind of just lurk about since they don't get updated or haven't been for quite some time. I'm glad some can still be viewed and that some new websites have popped up in the last few years for 3 Ninjas' fans. I wanted to make a pretty complete and official website to the series but that's a big goal and one right now I can't fill. I wish there was an actual domain for this series since I know there are still fans out there. And I wish I could find older fans, most seem to be 14 year old girls and I'm a little older than that!

Here are some 3 Ninjas that still exist today:

The Extreme 3 Ninjas Website
3 Ninjas Peprally!
3 Ninjas Fanfic Central
3 Ninjas #1

There are several more that you can find but here are some on a quick browse. If you were ever involved with any 3 Ninjas sites of the past please leave me a comment because I'd love to hear about it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This post goes to all the people living in Angel Grove that got killed during Megazord battles...

On a darker note, I found out yesterday that actress Zelda Rubenstein passed away on January 27. Although she was best remembered from the "Poltergeist" movies, she'll always be Madame Serena from "Teen Witch" to me!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reasons Jo Harvelle Rocked

Today's post is an actual post because I have some updating to do. It's been a while since I had a new look and I'm going back to Supernatural because I love them Winchesters. I'm not too happy with the color scheme but I was trying to get it to go with the header. Enough babble, I want to talk about Jo Harvelle from Supernatural and why her character was one of my favorites.

My reasons won't be some straight forward list but more of a recap of things Jo did on Supernatural and how I think it reflects her character, but also what I liked about it.

I know many fans weren't too happy when Jo and Ellen Harvelle showed up at the beginning of season two especially when Jo was sort of written as a love interest to Dean. If there is one thing fans want is the Winchester boys free of relationships. That may dictate their own fantasies that apply but I would be getting off-topic. I could save that discussion for a later entry. I, myself, was not keen with the match-up. Just watching Dean hit on her seemed inappropriate considering she looked 16 and Dean was almost 30 at that point. But age is just a number and the tiny display at the bar was redeemed when Dean decided that Jo wasn't the right girl to try to sleep with at the time (and basically every time up until her death on the series...).

Instead of a romance between them it was more of a playful brother-sister role that developed probably because the writers knew fans' reactions and decided they better change it. It was a smarter decision on there part because it makes more sense. Dean can be a little "tasteless" at times, but Jo had a direct relation to hunting and to his father which meant Dean had more of an emotional dynamic with her. The hunting part made the two of them working a job interesting, it would have been cool to see her interact more with Dean and Sam's work but that ended up being a role for Ellen instead of Jo. The two could relate on a level that was a rarity; they grew up with the hunt and both of their fathers were killed by demons. From those factors you would think these two would have made an interesting couple, but it's not like Supernatural to promote love positively other than in a familial way.

So why does Jo Harvelle rock?

She's one of the only females on the show that has not been evil/bad. She wasn't even possessed or making bad mistakes. She was one of the most level headed albeit naive characters on the show, but an actual strong female character in male dominant show. She punched Dean in his face and didn't even flinch which you can't help but love. She saved Dean from the hellhounds and gave her life for the sake of saving the world. She wasn't afraid to tell things like they were and she could probably beat you in pool and poker.

Jo Harvelle is the type of female character I love to see in television. She was strong but ultimately had weaknesses (one of them being Dean!) but she didn't let them phase her. You just can't let anything in when you are a hunter because you can't have trust among anyone. But then again, maybe that's the weakness?

Monday, January 11, 2010

There it Is

I'll probably do this from time to time...

Some stuff I'm interested in right now:

BBC's Being Human
Neil Jackson
The Crow (revisiting really...)
Carrie 2 & TV Movie soundtracks
80s horror movies (again)
Subject Two (Freaky obsessed as much as to tape it off the telly)
Gossip (2000) - Where can I find this?
The Legend of Billie Jean Soundtrack - I need to find this!

The Crow's Reboot

If there is one thing I possibly hate the most in this day and age is remakes, "re-imagings" and whatever else executives have used to call the movies they release these days. Most of the ones enduring this process are cult classics that have smart and usually wide fan bases. Unfortunately, I'm one of those fans. My opinion and of many other commenters online say that the only movies that need remakes are the terrible ones which I agree with. These movies usually don't have huge fan bases hence the fact that they do not get remade. I rather see "Hard Rock Zombies" or "Night of the Demons" getting a new twist. Thankfully, the later flick is and I'm hoping it will be just as horrible to watch the first time around.

My main complaint lies with 1994's "The Crow" which has become a cult movie with a huge fanbase and spawned several sequels which got suckier as they continued on...OK, I like Salvation but Edward Furlong as the Crow in Wicked Prayer was laughable. And David Boreanaz and Tara Reid was a weird coupling. I don't think Reid carries as much acting talent as she does partying talent.

The reboot had been in talks for a year or possibly longer, I was just bothered that they really were trying to remake this movie. The tangible link of death to the movie could let it be left alone although movie companies just want those extra dollars in their pockets. The movie has not been officially taken on but is currently still being constructed as I found out from a few internet sources. It's suppose to be a "relaunch" for this new generation, to modernize the character. It will not be Eric Draven the original character but a new one. It's also suppose to be like a "dark superhero movie" completely taking on the new Batman franchise. I hope Christian Bale has nothing to do with it, I'm sick of seeing that guy in every blockbuster.

The only positive aspect is the guy who directed Blade is doing this film. I love the first Blade movie, the best damn comic book movie I've seen and it has to do with vampires which I've loved since I was a little girl. So this reboot may be edgier but still gothic as the original. I have no idea who should be the Crow and I don't even want to don the possiblities. Brandon Lee was the Crow and no one could act out that character like him. I don't expect anyone too either.

It's sad to think they need to continue on with movies I love to watch, but I do watch the new ones anyway. I think the chance I may like a reboot is what drives the impulse. I'll wait and see what's in store. Nothing's been laid in concrete yet and maybe it won't be. Until then, I'll read the comic and pop in the DVD and enjoy "The Crow" the way it is.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mandatory Excessive-ness

This is the only fanfiction I have found for "Still Life", an unaired FOX show that I've seen the pilot for and adore quite a bit. I wish more could be said for the show but it can't. Jensen Ackles (from The CW's "Supernatural" and Lionsgate's "My Bloody Valentine 3-D") starred in the lead role.

Here a link to the quick one-shot written by some awesome soul on -
Read It Here

Accounting for the rest of my life...many other things have been going somewhat wrong. The family computer went kaput either from a problem with the motherboard or a the power source dying. I was in the middle of writing a story, not to mention most of the programs I use on that computer. I can't use Photoshop or any video editing programs I waste my time with and damn it, I can't get to my story. That's not the first problem...several relatives and friends had some nasty computer problems too. I think there is something going around...

I think I'm going to get off Facebook now. I don't really bother with it and I had to do it for one of my courses. I hate networking sites...I posted a little bit but I find it dull. Really, my life is too boring. I'm lucky is something exciting happens in a month. I guess Twitter would be better suited for me because then I'm on a strict word count and each post would be probably confusing. I'd type up some random fact or quote much like my time on Facebook and leave it for no one to reply/give me a comment.

Whatever...I'm life was never interesting to begin with and all those sites do is make people more selfish. More time to blab about themselves and how nifty there life is. Or usually about how much it sucks. Really, people, most of us have nothing to complain about. Give it a rest. Everything is so self-gratifying we will all have complexes soon and then I'm probably put the shotgun to my head. Then again, I suppose I'm just being a tad bit too emo for my liking.

I hope I've bored you all and not complained too much.