Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ch-Ch-Changes & the TV Set

This blog is in definite need for a makeover of some kind...I'm too lazy to do it though. This part of the year is really busy though. Right before Christmas, it gets cold as hell froze over outside and I have dreaded final papers and exams to do. That will put anyone in the Christmas spirit!


Perhaps the biggest bollocks of all is all my television shows are on hiatus and don't return until mid-January. Getting a break from that is nice considering all the other things I have to worry about...

I was looking up stats on average television watching in the USA as of 2008-2009 and it's up 20% from 10 years ago according to Nielsen Wire . I find that hard to believe, I maybe watch 20 hours of television a week, but that happens out of boredom. I watch several shows throughout the year. This year I've clocked time for Supernatural, White Collar, Being Human, and The Vampire Diaries (simply because it's on before SPN). That's a few hours in one week. The other hours attribute to made-for-TV movies (or movie channel movies) and Comedy Central. I've watched more stand-up in the last year than I have in my entire life.

I rarely watch new shows, my boxed set DVDs of shows get more use on my television than actual cable. And I've watched some shows/ movies via Netflix or Hulu. Some among them have been True Blood which I do not get on cable or The Crow: Stairway to Heaven which I have never seen considering I was a kid when it aired. It's nice having the option to watch something just for the sake of having the ability to instead of fishing out 40 bucks for a boxed set especially if you don't know if it's worth it.

The question is do they considering watching these things online as watching them on television? It's another form of streaming entertainment that many people take advantage of in this technological age. I thought if it's offered online I don't have to lose an arm and a leg to find it on the television.

A side-note to all of this, my parents still cannot functionally use anything electronic. I had to set up an e-mail account for my father again because he can't remember the first one. I told them they have to remember because you need an e-mail address to do anything online. Maybe one day they'll get it.


I guess I'll go on with my day now. Don't ask what all the weird faces are for. I'm just in that mood...


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