Monday, November 2, 2009

new month & i'm bored

My dad is already talking about Christmas We are going to have a homemade Christmas this years because my family has no money. So presents are some kind of luxury now, but I rather it yummy food than get fifty presents. That could be my food obsession talking there, but I cant help it. I LOVE FOOD. My only wish was that I was a better cook so I could make some really delicious stuff to eat.

I am bored and I hate to announce it. I know I am and anybody reading this would know. Not to mention it is in the entry title. I'm using it as a segue for something to talk about unfortunately it fails because I told you why. Crap, I'm ranting...away, evil rant, away!

I've been a fan of Emma Watson since she started work on Harry Potter as Hermione Granger and she is the same age as myself. I'm several weeks older than her, but that's the only difference. I have always liked her, the mentality of doing well in school and her work, her fashion, and overall character as a person. She started university at Brown in Rhode Island this year to try and get back to a normal routine for herself. She says that she doesn't see acting as her career, she has many interests in other things particularly she has mentioned Literature and Art. I think it was wonderful she wanted to attend university especially in the States considering I'm from here.

I looked her name up on Google just because I wondered what college she decided on attending and I found out something kind of shitty. Supposedly she was being "stalked" (as all sources put it) at a football game between Brown and Harvard just so some fools could snap a picture of her. I get it, someone famous coming to your school, it would be cool to see them. The part I do not understand is why waste the energy? As people left comments on different source, I would like to state my own being a fan and all.

I believe that it's not right to do that to anybody, famous or not. If you get rowdy with it, it can pass for harassment. I don't blame the girl for being frightened by people following her, she was just trying to have some fun! I realize it's a bit hard to return to normality when for the last ten years your life has been anything but. The hype will die down I'm sure, but until then people need to grow up and recognize she is a human being and has certain unalienable rights.

Argh... in the immortal words of Dean Winchester: "Demons I get, people are just crazy."

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