Wednesday, October 28, 2009

something that just can't escape me

I don't know why this is fretting my mind, but it is. I'm not sure why this is even on my mind but I suppose I should get to the point here...

I want to write an entry about logic and creativity. I don't think these two words cohabit together, but I'm writing a post about them anyway. Whenever I'm learning about something in class, many of the times I want to know why what's what. I want to know the logical standpoint of why gravity is and why Shakespeare wrote his plays in iambic pentameter and what the hell that really is...

But how far is it before knowing too much becomes too much? I want answer but than again I don't because they can flush out whatever I imagined about that certain thing. I like creativity and I want to keep it. As people get older, they wish for reasonable answers to everything. They learn the world isn't so care-free as it was as a child. I think so many people miss their childhood and constantly try to live it over and over again by looking through pictures and film, and events from those time periods.

Logic is a smart approach but is it sometimes bad for us? Knowing many things can prove useful when that knowledge is needed, but when you are in a strange situation where logic fails (think of Alice in Wonderland) will there be any creativity to help you?

I realize this is an on-going and probably unanswerable idea, but it bothers me. I want to have the same ability to write good stories now as I will twenty years from now. I don't want to hate writing because it has to be formal and unoriginal. I want to approach things from angles most people don't as I do today and hopefully will do for the rest of my life. I think it's good to have some child left in you, therefore you never truly loose that unwhittled heart that believes everything to be pure and simple.

I think I could be overanalyzing but I don't want my life to turn out that way.

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