Friday, October 9, 2009

Sold Your Soul for Twilight?

Honestly, I don't remember when Twilight truly became a fad. I remember having a keen interest in the book after it was reviewed/recommended in "Teen Vogue" years back. I remember thinking the plot sounded interesting and I love vampires. I remember anytime being at a bookstore trying to buy the book, but I never did. I thought about reading it for two years, all the way back in 2005 when it was published. It took about two years to finally purchase and read. I loved the first book, albeit it wasn't the most original idea and not written very well. People could connect to it no matter how young or old you were. But, then this thing happened, and the series has been destroyed for me. (Oh and fuck the rest of the series, I don't need an explanation for every little detail about the book, the anonymity of the first was enough to please me. My only regret is Jacob Black is better in the sequels, I wouldn't have cared much for this character otherwise.)

I'm not going to rant because I rather avoid having fans chewing my ass out. I like the movies. I do, but it seems unnecessary. I have liked Robert Pattinson since Harry Potter but the shit that follows him is silly. All the fodder and paparazzi, just damn silly. I like the soundtracks for the movies, they contain many artists I enjoy and I listen to them quite a bit. It's a little shocking how such a hightlighted film has a indie/alternative soundtrack. I figure because it's a love story the music choices are obvious.

I am a person that hates fads. So anytime something feels like it's become too much and it's clearly being overun by people that don't seem to have redeeming qualities to be fans the whole fandom is destroyed for me. That is just a jab at all those 12-year-olds whom I can't imagine seeing the complexity in story lines unless they are all geniuses. I know I'm being a little cruel and the truth is the Twilight Saga isn't complex. It's like bread and butter.

I need to go back to my lovely horror movies. I want Anne Rice's suave and timeless vampires, The Lost Boys with their sex, blood, and rock n' roll...just the 1930's Bela Lugosi version.

I don't think of Twilight as vampires really either...they're like a kind of animal, predator which I hardly relate to the vampires I'm familiar with.

Okay, that's it. I need to get off this subject. This is bogging me down.

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