Friday, October 9, 2009

Shit, It's October!

It's managed to slip my mind several times that it's October meaning lots of Horror movies and Halloween. My two favorite things. I don't know what to be for Halloween, it's been a few years since I dressed up for it. I want to be creative but that is hard to do.

  • Any good horror movies I should see (and by that I mean 70s and 80s ones)?
We probably won't decorate our yard...we never do. When I live by myself I'll try and do that. There is this guy who lives down the street from my grandparents and decorates his whole yard. I might take a picture or two this year and post them.

Also this month Fear Clinic premieres on FearNet, they have been pimping that series very much all over FearNet...I can't wait for it!

My mother's birthday is this month and my cousin's wedding anniversary. They bought a new home recently.


New "Nightmare" Trailer. I know they wanted Freddy Kreuger to look like a real burn victim, but he looks like a fish to me. And the southern accent will take some getting used to.

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