Saturday, October 10, 2009

2009's "Push" Soundtrack - In Progress

Songs From the Movie:

What New York Used To Be--The Kills
The Love Of Boat Trackers--Yin Xiangjie
The Hop--Radio Citizen and Bajka
Rocket--Working For Nuclear Free City
Original music for Push--Neil Davidge
Everybody Ciao--Daniele Benatie and Fernando Paterlini
Elevator China--South Rakkas Crew
Consequence--The Notwist China Funk--South Rakkas Crew
Bao Quian--The Old Ceremony
A Visit To Suzhou--Jiang Xianwei

The ones in bold I have not found. I saw "Push" several months ago after in came out on DVD and I just love this movie. It has an amazing soundtrack too but unfortunately there was never any official of any of the music. Some of the tracks are impossible to find because it would be that they were never officially released. I will continue on my endeavor. I will hopefully have a compilation soon.

The Neil Davidge tracks are not isolated and feature dialogue and sound effects from the movie. I don't have means to isolate it, if I did I would, folks!

I'll keep ya updated soon.

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