Thursday, October 29, 2009

spooky little girl like me


*scampers off to search blogs for some spooktacular tunes for Friday and Saturday*

I can't wait for the 31st...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

something that just can't escape me

I don't know why this is fretting my mind, but it is. I'm not sure why this is even on my mind but I suppose I should get to the point here...

I want to write an entry about logic and creativity. I don't think these two words cohabit together, but I'm writing a post about them anyway. Whenever I'm learning about something in class, many of the times I want to know why what's what. I want to know the logical standpoint of why gravity is and why Shakespeare wrote his plays in iambic pentameter and what the hell that really is...

But how far is it before knowing too much becomes too much? I want answer but than again I don't because they can flush out whatever I imagined about that certain thing. I like creativity and I want to keep it. As people get older, they wish for reasonable answers to everything. They learn the world isn't so care-free as it was as a child. I think so many people miss their childhood and constantly try to live it over and over again by looking through pictures and film, and events from those time periods.

Logic is a smart approach but is it sometimes bad for us? Knowing many things can prove useful when that knowledge is needed, but when you are in a strange situation where logic fails (think of Alice in Wonderland) will there be any creativity to help you?

I realize this is an on-going and probably unanswerable idea, but it bothers me. I want to have the same ability to write good stories now as I will twenty years from now. I don't want to hate writing because it has to be formal and unoriginal. I want to approach things from angles most people don't as I do today and hopefully will do for the rest of my life. I think it's good to have some child left in you, therefore you never truly loose that unwhittled heart that believes everything to be pure and simple.

I think I could be overanalyzing but I don't want my life to turn out that way.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Blog Rating

I noticed this on other sites that they all had ratings of some kind. Well, my rating came out as R because my use of foul language. I don't actually post anything bad on here...some images may be gruesome if they relate to horror movies, but other than that this place is PG-13 at the most. I guess I can refrain a little from the bad language, but I doubt many young kids will visit this blog. I don't even know if it's visible on Google or not.

Anyway...I'll post something later because I have some Halloween related items to talk about.

Monday, October 19, 2009

"Happy Birthday To Me" MusicTracks

My brother just bought this the other day at Wal-Mart for $5 and I have to say it's worth the deal. I first saw it on FearNet, original version folks, not the bad disco score version. I really like this movie despite it's lack of gore or comprehending the finale of it. Really, I'll have to watch the movie several more times to get the gist of what really happened in the movie.

I went looking for the music tracks on the web and came up empty-handed. I did see that people were asking for some of the tracks from the movie and I tried with DVD-ripping some of the music. It's not the best, but I don't know how to make it perfect since I'm not tech savvy. I do think if you're looking for something to download this could be your best bet at the moment. If you know a better place to find the actual score to the movie, let me know!

The two tracks I ripped are the end song "Happy Birthday to Me" by Syreeta and the "Main Theme" which was composed by Bo Harwood and Lance Rubin. I believe the "Main Theme" is also looped on the DVD's root menu.

(Anchor Bay's 2009 Released DVD Cover & Back)

Both tracks that I ripped are at 320 KBPS and come in a .RAR file. These tracks are hosted on Rapidshare. If you come across any problems with the tracks, please let me know in the comments area.

> > > You can also listen to the tracks HERE on

& I uploaded the trailer to Youtube. If you want to watch it , you can. Feel free to leave me comments or subscribe to my channel.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

2009's "Push" Soundtrack - In Progress

Songs From the Movie:

What New York Used To Be--The Kills
The Love Of Boat Trackers--Yin Xiangjie
The Hop--Radio Citizen and Bajka
Rocket--Working For Nuclear Free City
Original music for Push--Neil Davidge
Everybody Ciao--Daniele Benatie and Fernando Paterlini
Elevator China--South Rakkas Crew
Consequence--The Notwist China Funk--South Rakkas Crew
Bao Quian--The Old Ceremony
A Visit To Suzhou--Jiang Xianwei

The ones in bold I have not found. I saw "Push" several months ago after in came out on DVD and I just love this movie. It has an amazing soundtrack too but unfortunately there was never any official of any of the music. Some of the tracks are impossible to find because it would be that they were never officially released. I will continue on my endeavor. I will hopefully have a compilation soon.

The Neil Davidge tracks are not isolated and feature dialogue and sound effects from the movie. I don't have means to isolate it, if I did I would, folks!

I'll keep ya updated soon.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Shit, It's October!

It's managed to slip my mind several times that it's October meaning lots of Horror movies and Halloween. My two favorite things. I don't know what to be for Halloween, it's been a few years since I dressed up for it. I want to be creative but that is hard to do.

  • Any good horror movies I should see (and by that I mean 70s and 80s ones)?
We probably won't decorate our yard...we never do. When I live by myself I'll try and do that. There is this guy who lives down the street from my grandparents and decorates his whole yard. I might take a picture or two this year and post them.

Also this month Fear Clinic premieres on FearNet, they have been pimping that series very much all over FearNet...I can't wait for it!

My mother's birthday is this month and my cousin's wedding anniversary. They bought a new home recently.


New "Nightmare" Trailer. I know they wanted Freddy Kreuger to look like a real burn victim, but he looks like a fish to me. And the southern accent will take some getting used to.

Sold Your Soul for Twilight?

Honestly, I don't remember when Twilight truly became a fad. I remember having a keen interest in the book after it was reviewed/recommended in "Teen Vogue" years back. I remember thinking the plot sounded interesting and I love vampires. I remember anytime being at a bookstore trying to buy the book, but I never did. I thought about reading it for two years, all the way back in 2005 when it was published. It took about two years to finally purchase and read. I loved the first book, albeit it wasn't the most original idea and not written very well. People could connect to it no matter how young or old you were. But, then this thing happened, and the series has been destroyed for me. (Oh and fuck the rest of the series, I don't need an explanation for every little detail about the book, the anonymity of the first was enough to please me. My only regret is Jacob Black is better in the sequels, I wouldn't have cared much for this character otherwise.)

I'm not going to rant because I rather avoid having fans chewing my ass out. I like the movies. I do, but it seems unnecessary. I have liked Robert Pattinson since Harry Potter but the shit that follows him is silly. All the fodder and paparazzi, just damn silly. I like the soundtracks for the movies, they contain many artists I enjoy and I listen to them quite a bit. It's a little shocking how such a hightlighted film has a indie/alternative soundtrack. I figure because it's a love story the music choices are obvious.

I am a person that hates fads. So anytime something feels like it's become too much and it's clearly being overun by people that don't seem to have redeeming qualities to be fans the whole fandom is destroyed for me. That is just a jab at all those 12-year-olds whom I can't imagine seeing the complexity in story lines unless they are all geniuses. I know I'm being a little cruel and the truth is the Twilight Saga isn't complex. It's like bread and butter.

I need to go back to my lovely horror movies. I want Anne Rice's suave and timeless vampires, The Lost Boys with their sex, blood, and rock n' roll...just the 1930's Bela Lugosi version.

I don't think of Twilight as vampires really either...they're like a kind of animal, predator which I hardly relate to the vampires I'm familiar with.

Okay, that's it. I need to get off this subject. This is bogging me down.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

In Between

I post. Life has been busy, tiring, and all over shitty. I don't have anything to particularly discuss in this post. I wanted to talk about the Chris Farley biography "The Chris Farley Show" but I'm too lazy to really do all that typing. Maybe another post.

October is here, finally, and I'm excited. Halloween is this month, my favorite holiday and I expect to be seeing some awesome soundtracks pop up over the month. If there is one thing I'm always interested in is Halloween related music. Plenty of Halloween Mega Mixes too! I thought about doing one of my own but I don't think I could pick just a few songs.

I may make a more informative post after this about something. Peace out.