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The Supernatural Evolution

Wow, a back-to-back post! This one is a bit of a mindless rant, but I wanted to share it nonetheless. I picked up my fourth season DVD of Supernatural last week and I was watching Convention videos on Youtube and slowly came to the conclusion that I need to talk about this show. I've made graphics and shared them endlessly on the Internet, but I have hardly given my two cents about the show/the cast&crew/related items. This is not a review or critique, just an opinion from a fan. Feel free to comment if you are a fan of the show too!

The Winchester Boys

My love affair(as I love to put it) began two years ago in September 2007. I was browsing the shelves at Target and saw the titled DVD for twenty dollars. The first things that hit my mind was "I know this show, I've heard of this!". And I had, back in 2005 when I saw a promotional advertisement for the pilot and start of the show. I thought it looked amazing, something I would love to watch...but I never did. Reasons being, I wasn't too "into" television shows at the time, I didn't have a place to watch it, and I forgot about it. The only show on my radar in '05 was Buffy of the Vampire Slayer, I had been a rabid fan for five years and I still love it til this day. I backburnered it and moved on to Supernatural.

Heading back to the movie section at Target, the first season was cheap and I figured I'd take the risk and buy it. At the time, I was not familiar with Jensen Ackles too much. In the summer I had watched both seasons of "Dark Angel" and thought it was wonderful so I was ready to see more of him. Jared Padalecki wasn't as anonymous as Jensen, I had seen "House of Wax", "New York Minute", and "Cry_Wolf" along with some of the work he did on "Gilmore Girls"(funnily enough his character's name was Dean on that show!). I started watching it the second I came home and sat straight through until the season finale. And boy, did that season finale plow right into me! I was hooked and I needed more.

Jensen Ackles plays Dean Winchester

It was a while between the time I bought the first season and the second season. In the between time, I watched more of the shows and movies Jensen had done. "Devour" was a gift from my brother from Christmas. I was excited because I was a huge horror fan so I thought it might be good, it turned out to confusing and until this day I will watch it and try to figure the plot out. Really the problem is all the scripts conflicts they had while in production and that clearly makes itself present throughout the film. I watched part of season four of "Smallville", I had watched the first two and some of the third. I like "Smallville" but it got too intricate and something there fizzled out for me. I saw "Blonde" during the next summer on Lifetime one morning and enjoyed it. I really liked the way Jensen played Eddy G. in that, a bit of a step away from everything else. There was countless other things I had seen via websites, other people as well.

I started watching the show on television during the earlier part of season three. I received the second season as I birthday gift (and the best one for the year!) and watched through it. This explained away plot lines in the third season that I didn't understand such as Gordon Walker's story line. The second season was wonderful too and many things happened that were heart-wrenching. Supernatural is one of the few shows were when the characters are struggling you can feel the struggle. This is in large part due to the well-written material by the writers of the show and talented actors filling the shoes of their roles.

I will side track a minute and talk about other parts of Supernatural. I always loved how great the cinematography of show was. It was dark and intense with high contrast colors. The CGI effects were far and in-between, but it is a horror/fantasy/sci-fi genre show which requires these elements from time to time. The soundtrack turned me on to classic rock and it's a fresh direction to hear songs I was familiar to because my dad loves rock n' roll especially AC/DC and Metallica. I was all to familiar with the sound of the show and it turned me into a Bad Company freak. I listened to their albums many times after I started watching the show. The score is impeccable too, haunting and stoic. It'll be quiet then jolt you upright. Wonderful. I recommend anyone who hasn't listened to the score to look it up. It should be easily available for download. The scripts for each show tell a shit load of myths/legends along with enough comedic timing to make you laugh at least one time in every episode. I have learned about all the different kinds of supernatural items there are. I find the show sets itself far apart from others because it time-warps itself. Everything featured has been highlighted years before it's premiere. The music, the legends and myths, and even many of the names too. They are simple and ones I have heard of that don't sound pretentious!

Jared Padalecki plays Sam Winchester

Third season comes and this time I'm watching convention videos and considering purchasing merchandise. Yes, I'm that hooked. I live near Chicago and wanted to go to the first convention so badly but I was young(er) and I did not have the money/transportation. I watch all that I can and still wish one day luck will befall on me and I will meet Jensen and Jared. However, all the money I have/make goes toward my college education and my medication for my diabetes. Does anyone notice how the boys seem loosened up and very talkative at the conventions? At the beginning, they weren't really into all this promotion crap, but they indulge in it now, they must do four or five a year...And what's with Jensen always getting up halfway through his panel and walking around? I guess he likes to keep busy... or his bum is falling asleep, take your pick. Either way, the guys are fun and open which gives into a lovely weekend for all the fans in attendance.

I've never been active in sharing my love for the show. My immediate family knows I'm obsessed because Thursday is my night at home. I don't have many friends (I sound like a loser for saying that even if it is true!) and the friends I do have don't like many of my interests so it's near impossible for one of them to get into the series. I've never met another fan like me face-to-face. The only time someone's interest ever came up was when I would buy the show on DVD and the cashier would make a comment on how they or someone they knew loved the show. Where are these Supernatural fans? What do I have to do to find them? I don't belong to forums or anything like that because it's like you have to be in a constant loop with this people. I can't always be, I like to have time where I don't have to check or do anything. RELAX. I've friend-ed a few people on LiveJournal but never personally talk much about the show.

Through the show...I've come to love the main actors, all of them not just Jensen and Jared. I rather not talk about J-Squared or Wincest because it's not my "thang" so to speak. I'm not going to get into it because that'll unleash some unholy hell for me. I support fans but not all of their actions. I have a certain moral code for myself and some of these things pass it. I just nod it off nonchalantly because if I don't condone it, I don't have to partake. I'm all for it. I have merchandise from the show.

  • All four seasons of Supernatural
  • Supernatural Calendar
  • Issues of the Supernatural Magazine (my bookstore constantly fluxes on whether or not they carry the sucker)
  • Media Tie-In Novels (Nevermore, Witch's Canyon, and Bone Key)
  • The first two season companions (Haven't seen the third or fourth anywhere)
  • A Sam Winchester t-shirt
  • A Dean Winchester t-shirt
  • Dean's amulet
  • Dean's ring and several of the Sam's bracelets
  • A framed poster featuring the brothers
Most of my things are common and purchasable. I may have forgot something on the list. A little story about merchandise - when I was in the hospital for several days because of my diabetes (horrible!) my brother, Nick walked in with the Dean shirt on and I smiled for the first time in two days. It was rough, but Supernatural pulls me through some of my darkest days. It's let me kept my life and I appreciate and love it for that fact. I'm happy that I made that split second decision two years ago. It's changed my life in little ways and I give all the credit to Eric Kripke for coming up with this haberdasher pitch years back.

Eric Kripke, the Creator of "Supernatural"

The fourth season opened a new flood gate and the decisions made with it are unique but timeless to say the least. The good vs. evil theme has always been there but now it's present sanctimoniously. Castiel was a great addition and excited to see him continue into the fifth as a regular. Misha Collins is one of the few widely accepted guests of the show and I don't blame them. That character is solid and way too important to the show. Most guests would come and go week by week, the key is to somehow wrap the character into the story line. The only characters that do usually get an extended life line. The angels/demons theme concerned me at first thinking the show was going south, but it made the show better. I'd like to think the fourth season is it's strongest right up there with the first. Let's hope it will come back to a family theme although it's headed for "Let's Look at the Big Picture".

Thanks for taking this journey with me. I'm sorry if I'm being too wordy but I've always had much to say about this show. Sorry for any spelling typos and/or errors too. And, if you haven't seen it, check it out!

Supernatural's fifth season premiere's on Thursday, September 10th on the CW at 9/8 central.

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