Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Repooc Ecila

I was rummaging in my dad's records last year to pull some out and listen to them, and found a part of an Alice Cooper one. Inside was a calendar with Alice hung on a noose. I thought it was cool because strange and horrific things fascinate me. It's from 1972, it promptly states underneath the picture. It's hard to even see in a photo even with a close-up. I taped it to my door because I fugure that's better than being thrown out and I love it. Couldn't be in a better spot, I say.

I uploaded it in case anybody wanted to look at it. As usual, all this is done for my own amusement. I have nothing better to be doing except maybe Philosophy readings.


  1. I heard an interview on NPR with Alice Cooper. He's an incredibly intelligent person, and very well-spoken.
    He was great in Wayne's World (Wayne and Garth: "We are not worthy! We are not worthy!") hahah I cracked up during that scene.

  2. You'd be wise to not trash that calendar. It came attached to Cooper's "Killer" album and was perforated... meaning it usually got detached from the album cover and lost. It's not hard to find the album itself, but finding a copy of the album with the calendar intact is considerably trickier. And things that are hard to find are usually valuable to collectors. They re-printed the album in '73 and '74 with new calendars, but you've got the first one there.