Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pauly Shore - Scraps from the Future

Recently, I downloaded one of Pauly Shore's stand-up albums and I wanted to talk a little about it. First off, I was unaware that he had any comedy albums and then I found two on some blog. I don't remember exactly where but if you think it was your blog, let me know.

Pauly Shore was a little before my time, but I suppose I grew up with him because his movies were always on rotation on cable. I've seen "Encino Man", "Son-In-Law", "In The Army Now!" and "Bio-Dome" countless times. Granted they ain't pure Oscar material (far from it!) they are entertaining and Shore's need for quirky antics is fresh. So is his stellar wordage. While listening to the tracks he is insanely dated with words such as "nugs", "buff" and "weeze", but that's a huge part of Pauly's persona.

There is dirty jokes, dirty language, and dirty minds and inquires a laugh here and there. I was amused and could look for it for future listening. Among the tracks, Pauly Shore sings a song called "Lisa, Lisa" which I assume he made up entirely and who knows what it's about...the actual music was great, hard rock but his voice destroys it so I ignored it. The one part that was the best had to be Pauly's mother making an appearance talking to her son in that motherly sense. How many people pull their parents into stuff like that?

If you're a Pauly Shore fan, I'd add this to your collection or possible take a listen. The album has it's moments but nothing "piss your pants funny". I enjoyed it for Shore's words, I wonder if he still uses that early 90s slang? Does ANYBODY use that? I joke around and say "weezing the juice" and whatnot, but I think it died like Pauly Shore's career...

BTW, did anyone see "Pauly Shore is Dead"? Is it any good?

And, yes, I'm a Pauly Shore fan even if I was in the context of mean. I'm giving my two cents and in no way should anyone take anything I mention to heart.


  1. I'm scratching my head as to why there's a content warning on this site before it pulls up... i don't see anything offensive.. maybe i'm missing something.

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  3. . . .I have no idea who this Pauly guy is. . .so. . .

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