Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scanned Ads Part I

Not much has functionally been going on with me. I decided on some premenstrual wim to go through older comic books I have. I don't really collect them, most were handed down from my brothers and some I had purchase myself as a kid. In my current browsing, it wasn't the plot lines that particularly caught my interest, it was the advertisements placed throughout. I noticed most ads frequented video games, films, and candy, but some were for other things. Things I never heard of and some things I remember quite fondly from my childhood. Most of these comic books were from the 90s (from early to later) and even some newer and older. I have a very small yet random collection. I loved them as a little girl because my brother's had so many and I thought they were cool to read.
(BTW, all the scans are film advertisements.)

The scans aren't the best quality and I did not feel like trying to load big files so they have been re-sized and fixed up courtesy of my Photoshop 7.0. I'm posting this in case it strikes someone's fancy. It'll be a post of few, I still have quite an amount to still peruse.

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