Friday, April 24, 2009

Where Does Time Go?

Another lapse in time since I posted anything. Time is a standstill right now. Maybe I'll be more active during summer hours. For whatever reason, I do not have the addiction I used to with my computer. I only come on here to write papers, download music, or talk in forums. Other than that, I'm doing something else better with my time. I just can't sit in front of the monitor for long hours, it really fucks with my vision. And it's already bad wearing glasses, so I'd like to keep what eyesight I have.

I've been nostalgic today...When I got online somehow I discoursed back into my heydays of boy bands. A fad that went places for a short period and disappeared ever so quickly. I still dug cheesy ass pop music, and I don't think I'll ever stop having a love affair with it.

I think anybody who watched MTV in it's heightened period of TRL, we would all remember 2gether. A mock boy band that played up and made serious fun of other boy bands. I had a chance to download the movie because some sweet soul uploaded it and that brought back some great memories. It is a true comedy and one of the few amazing projects that came out of MTV. The movie produced a soundtrack and a follow up album by the group which I was lucky enough to get my hands on from a very cool lady from LiveJournal. I'm still trying to get a hold of the movie soundtrack, but to no avail have I had any luck.

(From Left to Right: Alex Solowitz, Evan Farmer, Noah Bastion, Michael Cuccione, and Kevin Farley)

There was also a short-lived tv show which got canceled when the fellow band member and cast mate, Michael Cuccione died. I believe that this was a creative idea which cashed in quite a bit of dough. It's strange how people say that 2gether will disappear, but people still talk about it all the time. Attempting to get the tv show a successful release on DVD and a possible reunion. It's been about ten years now but I don't see it happening but who knows? I will cross my fingers for something to come up.

Beyond that, I was looking for older albums too. I've been searching, searching for the Never Been Kissed album and I want to add extra tracks that belong there too. I looked up some odd things, one of Hanson's albums, some albums by Joey Mcintyre and Jordan Knight...and other stuff. I'm thinking today is the trip to my local CD store. I can find old CDs for about 3 dollars. I keep deciding if I want to post some albums for download. If they are older I may just do it. I don't think many people see this so I'm not concerned. If you do see this post, feel free to tell me if you'd be interested in 2gether albums. If I ever get the soundtrack album, I will post it on here along with the second album with consent from the person who originally gave it to me.

(Jeremy Jordan circa 1993)

Also, I was thinking about posting Jeremy Jordan's album Try My Love on here. Jeremy Jordan is well known as Guy from Never Been Kissed, but before that he was an early 90s heartthrob. He released only Try My Love in 1993. The album is out of print now, if someone would like me to post it, let me know! I got it this past Christmas per request. It's a bit cheesy but some of the songs make me sing along.

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