Monday, March 16, 2009

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I'm having a spur of the moment love for icons. It's been a long time since I sat and really put some effort in some new icons. I uploaded most on my Live Journal. Many of the old ones I never did before. So, today could be the day that I make some new ones.

I watched Devour for the fifth ot sixth time last night and I'm still trying to figure what the hell the plot of that movie really is. It's not the best work Jensen Ackles ever did, and sometimes I wonder why he did it at all. I think the plot was interesting, but somewhere the plot disappears or completely mind fucks you. It all depends on what you think is going on. The first time I watched it, I had no clue what I had just watched. Next time, I was downright plagued by it, trying to find the sense in it. Few times after that I was thinking Jake Gray was the devil's son which is I think what the plot was originally. However, this time, after listening to a buttload of cryptic lines, I just went ahead and came to my own thoughtful conclusion. The character, Jake Gray, is insane. He created this world of the devil in his head. That's all I can think, the movie is just confusing, only an insane person could decifer it.

The movie as a horror movie is on the good side of the horror movie spectrum and I've seen some shitty ones. I think the rewrites during the filming probably deteriorated the intentions of the film. However, the acting is well done and some of the aggressive scenes are a bit loopy, but I like watching it. I think most people who own it is because of Jensen and that's fine. I can watch him in anything, but I prefer him in something more coherent. Some roles I like him in besides the obvious ones (Supernatural!), Eddie G. in Blonde - he had a small role within the four(?) hours of the movie. I loved the way he played his character, silly but debonair. I have to say Alec in Dark Angel because he really brought a character to the show. Just wished the show lasted a little longer than it did.

Speaking of his body of work, I have to talk about the unaired pilot, Still Life, he did for FOX.

First- why did this never air? I found a link for it on a LJ community and downloaded it. I had always wondered what it was about from the two or three pictures floating online from it. I watched the episode from start to finish. And I wish there had been more! I wanted to know what happened to the deceased brother! How he died and why it had to do with a friend of his. I noticed many popular songs from the time were used for the pilot, the opening was wonderfully linked with Coldplay's "Clocks" which set the mood for the entire episode. I liked to believe this could have lasted a few episodes on air if FOX had given it the chance. Damn you, FOX, you love destroying shows don't you?

Second - I wondered if this show had anything to do with that rumor from Dark Angel? I read on Wikipedia (one of the most unreliable places for info), that FOX had wanted the characters, Max (Jessica Alba) and Alec (Jensen Ackles) to hook up. James Cameron, the show's creator was against this, he saw Max and Logan as the couple. But, FOX had some ulterior motive to eventually let Alec have his own spin-off show later on in the same vein as Buffy's Angel. Alec was a popular character among fans but I found it silly for them to be thinking that far ahead. DA was in its second season still establishing a core audience. However, the Friday night schedule spot killed the show's decent ratings and it never returned for a third season. Since they wanted a Alec spin-off, did you think they just took a different step? They figured they already had Jensen on board for Dark Angel and when that sinked, they pulled up another series idea that had been sitting around and figured they could snatch him for that? It seems that's why that was but I think they dropped it last minute. Who knows... I wonder if Jensen Ackles did the pilot before or after his stint on Dawson's Creek?

That's enough ranting...I just had all these thoughts up in my head and I couldn't help but feel like, I don't know. I think some actors get cheated and the fans even more sometimes.

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