Sunday, March 22, 2009

I wish...

I'm bored so I'm posting. I wish I had some headphones because I much rather listen to music with them, it's easier for me somehow. I wish I could watch a movie I haven't seen in a while like Disturbing Behavior. I wish everyone around me felt better, but I am glad I'm not suffering my usual pain as of late. My brother has been in plenty pain from something getting in his eye and it swelling up. He moaned and screamed for two days straight and it rattled me from any sleep. I spent most of the time reading, just to keep my mind busy. I hate when folks are in pain, especially the important ones in my life. D got some teeth pulled which I was not aware of until recently. So I'm hoping she'll get well soon too. I hate suffering but it's a unfortunate side of the human condition.

I'm browsing music again. I'm trying to find some of those rare albums I have a hell of a time hunting down. I've had a modicum of luck, but still hunting. It always surprises me the amount of music people have that they can share. But I'm very grateful that people share what they have though.

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