Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Say No to Wincest...!

As much as I'd love to be able to take that slash. I just can't! I find nothing wrong with two guys together. Loving each other and everything but I can't read that fiction people write. Especially about the two guys I have such a heart for that are on my favorite show Thursday every week. They are brothers, friends, compadres, and nothing else! Fans just go places I cannot go. I just keep thinking that if they went online and looked at those stories and read a few, their eyes might pop fully out of their sockets.

I think they just don't go there especially when it's brought up. So stop with the snide comments, you remember Jensen's face at the convention last year. They are friends, friends, friends. I have brothers and if people were writing these stories about me doing "things" with them, that would freak the shit outta me! I just can't read it, I tried to just read a bit, but that was too much for me to digest. Maybe just not an NC-17 one. Or maybe one where they didn't talk about "blowing loads". Gosh, I just had a shiver run down my back.

I know so many fans are really into the Wincest/J2, but it just cannot exist for me. I like deep stuff, and so much is like smut. That's okay-a little, but not the whole page! I think women are just hornier these days. Like guys get off on two girls, girls get off on two guys. No! I adore the actors too much to like it. It just destroys them. I hope they've never read that stuff. I think they'd be freaked out.

Boy, Jensen being put on the spot.

I think "disturbing" is the best way to describe it.
Supposedly in a poll, 70% of Supernatural fans are Wincest lovers. I guess I am in the other 30%.
And Jensen, I think your Grandmother will never see it. Unless she's pretty knowledgeable with a computer. Gosh! That has to be so embarrassing.

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