Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy 31st Birthday, Jensen!

I'm such a pooper scooper. I forgot it was Jensen's birthday on the first.

(Even though there is a one and a billion chance he would see this, I'm saying it anyway.)
Jensen - I give you warm wishes and good luck in all your future endeavors. I hope you had some fun for your birthday and got some kick ass gifts. Hope the cake was good too, maybe a dark chocolate variety? Happy Birthday and many more to come.

Gosh, I feel young. I wanted to get that out of my system. I could not believe I just forgot about it, I usually mark these things down because I just like to...I'm so strange. Gosh, back to important , boring school work. Nah, I enjoy it...sometimes. Gah, I need to can it. *Kicks self in the head* Wow, I must be really flexible...

1 comment:

  1. lmao.
    he's not too much older than us--wwe're almost 20! lol