Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Effects

I'm suppose to be working on a paper for school, but I was compelled to rant about something that I stumbled upon while working on this paper. I'm doing strong summary responses and the paper is a response to a proposal about how weak high school is and it should be removed completely so teenagers can begin adulthood sooner. It uses the Columbine shootings as an example to the unhealthy environment high school produces for teenagers.

Well, then I went and read up on the Columbine shootings because I was too young when it happened and I was not aware of all the details of the event. I will say you cannot blame high school for why those boys shot their school up. It could have played a small role in one way or other, but it seemed to me they lacked stability as individuals. They lashed out the way they could and they did it in a violent manner. I'm not going to go into detail because I don't live in Colorado and I did not experience anything like that ever in my life.

I just find it silly to point fingers toward public figures for destroying the youths such as Marilyn Manson. I listen to Manson's songs and I don't have an inkling to hurt anybody just from listening to them. If I ever do, it's usually just my mind being violent because I'm angry for a minute. However, I'm sane enough to realize the dire consequences of doing such an act. So really, it's logic stepping in and saying it's wrong. Maybe logic didn't step in and help those boys, maybe they lost all logic to what they were doing. Professionals diagonosed the boys as being a psychopath and a depressive person. Whether I believe that is correct I do believe there was some unbalance of serotonin in their brain chemicals. Something provoked it, and slowly since it was a planned thing. It was planned for two years it seemed. I mean, really? Shouldn't the parents be looking out for their children?

That could be the problem. I'm lucky I stick so securely to my parents. Even when I was dealing with my own disorder, it got to a point where handling it became impossible. I went to my family and looked for help. But I have managed pass my psychological problems which rooted themselves first in high school, do to my untimely depression and other problems which I rather keep to myself. Beyond that, I have come out stronger and better than I once was and I'm surprised I have. I don't hate those boys for what they did but that they did not do something better than what they did do about their problems.

I don't understand why people aggravate things so immensely they radically effect others around. Are people just selfish and hateful? I'd like to believe not. I have anger, I have rage, I have gloom...but I know that it's stupid to let things like that stop you from living your life. Suicide may look like a good idea at the time but it is not an answer. It's not a way. Doing it does not help people understand anything.

Just...I don't know. I'm done with this.

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  1. Bowling for Columbine.

    Even though I think of Michael Moore as a disinformer, it was still a good movie.