Thursday, March 5, 2009

Damn me for not posting enough. I had a bad day today. I lost my library card and that's one fourth of my life right there. I go to the library all the time for stuff and if I don't find it, well, I have to pay three dollars for a new one. I guess I'm bugged that I can't figure where it went, I checked every place it could, would, and should be, but it was not there. So, I just have to wait for it to pop up when I least expect it to or I go get a new one. Oh life and it's annoying twists and turns.

I've been wanting to listen to the band Travis really bad for the past few hours. I started downloading their discography because I really like them but don't have any of their songs except for one from the Roswell Soundtrack. I wonder if I'll like their newer or older albums? I always wonder that when I get an interest in groups. Like Sugar Ray, originally a punk group with edge that turned into a pop mega machine with "Fly" or Filter that was either alternative or industrial or both that at the turn of pop went with the flow as well. Filter had some good hits like "Take a Picture" and "Best Things" which are completely popped fueled. However, listening to their albums in whole you'll realize they are very well still the groups they were originally. It just helps when your tunes can reflect the times. That reminds me, I should get the Swimfan soundtrack sometime, I had an intense obsession with that soundtrack and the movie at the same time.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon started this week and I think the show is good. He's not as quirky as Conan was but I think Fallon can have his own show. I remember liking him back on SNL, even though he could not keep a straight face through the Behind the Music ; Blue Oyster Cult skit. Ferrell was too damn funny though. I can admit that, I'd be laughing my ass off if I was a new cast regular too. But back to the talk show, most of his guests are friends of his almost such as Tina Fey or Drew Barrymore. He isn't too formal with the interview, he lets it go whereever it may end up. The opening can have some funny jokes but I'm not impressed with any of the games they've come up with. The game where three people came down on the stage and just had to lick something for ten dollars wasn't that interesting. Fallon had them lick a lawnmower, a fish bowl, and a printer. WTF? Why not a fish or a dirty toilet bowl? Come on, that's like giving away ten bucks for FREE! When the girl got to sing with Bon Jovi was cool but she was so frightened when Bon Jovi came to sing with her. I suppose I would be too, but he wanted to hug her and she looked like she was running away from him. I would not run away from Jon Bon Jovi! I will say the Castle Greyskull was funny with the NYC major. Send me a pic of that , Jimmy!

Well, got to go, the show is on!

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