Sunday, February 8, 2009

The World Is A Vampire.

These pants offend me.
It looks like Jensen was digging in Mel's (from Sleepaway Camp) closet.

Okay, here I go again. I had a shit day yesterday, enough said. I finished that River Phoenix bio and the man who wrote it really is insane. There was a whole portion of it where he had some dream where he talked to The Man Upstairs and made a deal to switch his own life to have River's back. It was cool to read and possibly foreshadowy-ness because next thing I know, I'll be having some dreams where I'm sitting around talking to River too. The guy did put River on a pedestal which isn't bad considering the alternative, him being exploited due to his private drug problem. River Phoenix was a wonderful person, I know this after everything I have read about him and it is truly sad that he is no longer here with everyone else. He cared about things that people don't take the time to stop and look at. He wanted a better world and I didn't blame him for that. With the world we live in today, it's only going to get worse. I cannot help but think what he'd be doing today to better this shithole of society we have now.

I went to my Poly Sci class on Friday and found out I hate that class worse than I hated it before. The man is opinonated and talks too fucking much. I can't take it sometimes. Whatever, I try to pay attention, I'm there to learn but it there is no feedback as the students. I have no idea where to turn any of my work in! And it's all shit you have to do outside of class. I am going to fail this course because it's everything I hoped it would not have to take at university. D, you'd love to piss this dude off and challenge his ass, I wish you were in my class!

I watched "The Last of the High Kings" today with that beautiful man, Jared Leto. That dark hair, those blue eyes (I think they are blue...), and that Irish accent. Well, he had an accent because he was Irish in the film. It's a good one, it's about a teenage boy living in Ireland during the late 70s and dealing with life. Christina Ricci had a small part as a Yank who comes and visits intially falling for Jared's character Frankie. The best part was Catherine O'Hara as Frankie's Ma, she was very over-the-top, wacky character. This was either the second or third time watching it. I enjoy it, especially since most of the soundtrack is the Irish band, Thin Lizzy. They had some good jams.

I'm getting sick of online. Really sick. I think I'm disappearing a bit. Maybe I'll go watch "Still Life" after I get through all this work for tomorrow. Poly Sci is kicking my ass.

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  1. getting sick of online?
    i haven't seen you on for a week! haa