Saturday, February 14, 2009

v-day, friday the 13th (movie and all!)

Happy Valentine's Day, belated.

I did not do anything special today, I never treat the holiday as a holiday. I would probably feel different about it if I had someone special to share it with but I don't. I sat around watching Freaks and Geeks (great show, should have lasted longer than 18 episodes) and eating any kind of junk food available and in reaching distance of my arms.

Friday the 13th is my special day, one of my favorites. Many people consider it to be a superstition and overall bad day but I have some of the best days on Friday the 13ths. I went and saw the new, somewhat "remake" of it 1:30 with my brother, did not have anyone else to go with. There was 10 people in the theater when we got there and maybe a dozen more showed up in the next half hour. I was surprised that I enjoyed the film, it was a little like I expected but they definitely tried to change it up a bit. I'm more into Jason as a hunter, an aggressor then that weird, "supernatural" one. Like in Jason takes Manhattan, the one guy runs up a ladder on the boat and a second later Jason is right behind him and throws him off. There is no logic in how that works chronologically! There were some elements from the other Jason movies but they tried changing it up a bit, not bore an audience with the same death scenes we've seen for ten movies. And, it helps that Jared Padalecki is in it! He looked great in the movie as Clay (everyone had stupid names...Trent, Jenna...) and his hair did too! I think they need to stop greasing down his hair in Supernatural, it was all light and fluffy in the movie! Lastly, the stereotypes were still there the slut greasing her boobs down, the nice girl and guy, the total douchebag (TRENT), the black guy who makes racial cracks, the asian guy who gets stuffed in the car trunk, the blonde slutty chicks, the nerd who makes blatant references to Star Wars and wears a t-shirt of the same interest... I was surprised by the very lack of sex in the film, just one at the beginning and then later on. They were a little over-the-top, but both involved Jason in some way...(not in that way). The ending was a little bothersome, it could have been cleaner but I guess they wanted to fashion it like the original. It was nice for that little cameo of Nana Visitor as Mrs. Vorhees. Overall, it's good enough to see in theaters, I don't see fans being too disappointed with the outcome. There was something missing, I can't pinpoint it.

I totally miss the Friday the 13th marathons, since TNN became Spike TV they don't air them anymore. UGH...

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