Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Supernatural Pimpin'!

Right now I'm just flowin'. I broke my rule on posting everyday but folks, some days aren't as interesting as others. I'm dancing and doing a little yoga right now. At 3:30, this morning. Sleep has become a luxury in my life. It's either I sleep a lot or I don't sleep at all. I'm also breaking time to surf around for Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki photos. I don't know why, I don't get much of a kick out of getting fan fetishes. It's not a fetish but I've been saving pictures and before you know i I'll hit the 1,000 marker and feel like a jackass.

I'm passing time until I do this paper for Comp 104. I've been mulling it over. I hate writing things with substance AKA closed-formed writing. I prefer just spewing something out from my head not worrying if it's the right idea or if it is grammatically correct. I say screw it. I love my creative drive and close-form makes it disappear. But, I don't blame the instructor, students are suppose to learn it that way and I understand that. I'm hoping it'll be subjects I can talk about openly. The instructor is really nice and he wants us to feel uncomfortable writing especially with the throttling hell I had in the past with essays and fanfiction.

Speaking of fanfiction, I got this great Supernatural one. It'd be categorized as general and it may hit to some kind of relationships, but not as far as chapter two. I might post it on or my LiveJournal. I am proud of myself for finding an idea to roll with and it's not half bad. I'm not going to share it with anybody who's been reading this blog. I need to do revisions for the chapters so far but I really want to get it out of my head and down onto the screen/Word/anything else. It's Deancentric, because is there a cooler character to write about? Well, Sam is fun to write too. I gotta give Sammy love too because the guy just ain't getting it. Jared's a sweetie too so he deserves some character pimpin'!

You can never have too much Supernatural love.

I never know what to do to pass the time. I wish I had some fun hobbies, I really wanna try inline-skating again. Remember when that was such a fad? I loved it and I used to be good at it! I bought a pair a few years back and I'd really like some use out of them, I'm going to have to hit that roller rink someday soon. Reading is my only hobby as of now. Currently, I should be done with Supernatural : Bone Key, it's not a long read but I just haven't been interested enough to sit and finish it. I also got a River Phoenix bio I need to read and take back to the library before it's due. And the countless books D lent me. Yeah, I know she'll want them back soon enough. Time is filled with school. Mondays and Wednesdays are long, boring days. I almost fell asleep in the last class of the day on Monday and my teacher was asking me if I was okay. Yeah, the lecture just got boring enough where my eyes were drooping and I was fading into la-la-land.

If you like Supernatural at all, leave a comment.

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  1. I like Supernatural even though I'm a "n00b" haha.

    Also, you're not a crazed fan until you reach 7,000 pics haha. It kinda sucks though because I only have a lil over 1,000 Gackt pics when I used to have so many =[