Saturday, February 28, 2009

not feeling too blog-y

Not much is going on really, but I am busy nonetheless.

This week is mid-terms week at school and I am studying and finishing some work I need to finish. March is also Spring Break month and I'm really hoping to pop on down to Florida for the week so I can get a little R&R.

Right now, I'm setting up the clips I will be providing on my youtube channel for March. It will be Instant Star month featuring performances from the first two seasons and possibly bloopers if I really feel like fucking with it. It takes time and editing which I hate messing with but I do it because I have many subscribers and people who like what I post there so I do it for them. Or until youtube tries to shut me down. They have done it to many friends of mine. Hopefully, if I post them right I won't get shtick for it.

If you want to check my channel out:

I post trailers, deleted scenes, and other extras to movies, television series...

Everyone have a good night.

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